Nice things that store employees have done that really made your day

I had an experience at a store today that was particularly pleasing, and I wanted to share it because it is refreshing to hear positive experiences.
Does anyone else have an experience they can share where a store employee really made them feel that the customer comes first?

This evening did not start out with the makings of a proper relaxing evening. Specifically, when I arrived home from work, I glanced down into the basement and saw that the carpet was wet. Not a good sign.

I let out a sigh, glanced over at my wife and said “One step forward and two steps back huh?”
She told me of how the float switch on the sump pump got stuck again and how she spent the morning cleaning up the mess.

I sized up the naughty pump and drove quickly to Home Depot to purchase a new float switch, preferably the type that goes straight up and down.
This I found, complete with a picture of my pump on the package, and I happily came home to install my new widgit.

But there was a small hitch. It seems that the instructions for the new float assembly were saying to mount the whole thing on a special lug that’s on the top of the pump. On the picture, the lug was at 9 o’clock, looking straight down at the pump, while on my pump, the lug was at 12 o’clock: directly over the fitting for the outlet pipe. There was no way I could put the sliding float directly over the outlet pipe. It was the same model, but something was just not right.

I looked all over the pump for a way to rotate the top 90 degrees, but found none. Worse still, all of the screws of the pump were rusted badly. I swore under my breath…:mad:

Back to Home Depot, intent on returning the device and blowing a hundred bucks on a new pump.

I felt like giving the guy at the returns counter a laugh, so I showed him the picture on the box of the “proper” pump and told him my tale. He said “Why don’t you bring in the pump? Do you have the reciept?”
I said “You have got to be kidding. It’s over a year old. I’ll just get a new one.” He called a fellow from the plumbing department. They both looked at me and said “Just bring it in. Those things are guaranteed for a year.”
I doubted that they would take my rusty old pump and tried to insist on simply buying a new one. They looked at me and said “Just go home and get your pump before we change our minds!”

Back home I went, smiling.

I packed the pump up in a shopping bag and back to Home Depot I went.

The guy at the return desk looked it over and then called the plumbing guy, asking for a SKU number. I heard him say “Can’t find it? Just get the number for the next larger pump.”
Two minutes later he handed me a store gift card with $103.88 on it. Mind you, my pump had been the next model down, but he wouldn’t hear it (I didn’t protest much).

Five minutes later, I was walking out the store carrying the pump I had originally wanted after all, the one with the vertical float. Total cost to me: Three trips to the store and a little work.

That made my day :cool:

How nice! Gosh, it sorta restores one’s faith in humanity when things like this happen.

You should write a nice letter to the company, telling them what a great experience you had. I wouldn’t mention the extra money on the refund, though, just in case they broke store policy-- you might get them in trouble instead of getting them the recognition they deserve.

I was visiting Toronto to go to a friend’s wedding. I had bought a used to wear my second-hand vintage Christian Dior tuxedo I had picked up in a Boston store for $15. Imagine my horror when I noticed one of the arms was missing one button.

No problem, just cut one off the other side? I went to a dry-cleaners nea rthe corner of Bay Street and Gerrard and asked the advice of the owner on getting tuxedo buttons. He recommended going to the sewing district near Queen and Bathurst, and in fact offered to pick me some up!! I politely refused as I was heading near that area anyway. But when I went to pick up the tuxedo he had already sewed a new, matching tuxedo button onthe sleeve which “he found lying around”. He refused any payment for this service!!

If I lived in Toronto, I’d never go anyplace else for dry cleaning.

Well, this wasn’t a store but a restaurant–it happened last night.

We went to family night at a locak steak-n-ribs place. It’s your basic kid-haters nightmare: Nickolodean showing on the wide, screen, a clown doing face painting and balloon animals, lots of kids tearing around. Cranky Jr got a red balloon dog which he clutched as we walked out. Suddenly the wind ripped the dog out of his hands and it started skittering across the parking lot. Cranky Jr wailed and then started bawling at the top of his lungs, running after it. I had my hands full with our leftovers and his sippy cup, so I couldn’t run fast and in any case I was more concerned about grabbing my toddler before some car whacked him. I pretty much knew I would have to grab the boy and let the dog go and put up with 30 minutes of grieving from the little guy.

Suddenly I saw movement to my right. Some guy from out of knowhere hurdled a snowbank and tore off down the parking lot after the dog. You know how it is when the wind is blowing something light–it’s impossible to grab and you look like an idiot chasing it. But this guy went for it and finally trapped it all the way down at the end of the huge parking lot.

As he jogged back to us, I saw he had an apron on. He was a kitchen worker who stepped outside on break. My son was still wailing so he didn’t have the grace to thank him, but as he clutched the dog the guy patted him on the coat and said “there you go, little guy!” and went back to sitting on the bench near the door.

Damn, what a nice guy.

I went into a Rainbow Foods to pick up a few things early one morning. I had about $20 in stuff - half and half, a 24 pack of pop, diapers. I almost never shop there (since any time that isn’t 8:15 in the morning is a zoo).

Get to the checkout and the woman asks if I have any coupons. I don’t. She says “I have some here for this stuff” and preceeds to save me $5 on a $20 grocery bill - and really quickly.

I already mentioned this a couple weeks ago in the “best bargains” thread, but it works here too.

Hubby and I had taken a trip to Lake Tahoe in March. When we left the Bay Area it was around 70 degrees and I totally forgot it was still ski season in the mountains. I figured “oh well my winter coat is just about shot so I’ll just buy a new one when we get there.” Turns out no one had any winter stuff in stock anymore and had all their spring items out. We ended up going all the way to the Gottschalk’s in Carson City before I found a sad rack of clearance winter coats stuck in a corner. I found a suitable London Fog jacket that was half price, but still more than I usually would spend. I brought it up to the cashier and she asked me if I had the coupon from the paper. I told her I wasn’t from the area and was just passing through, so she suggested I go to the service desk and ask for a copy. I felt sort of odd, but they apparently had a whole stack of them in a drawer for the asking. Turns out I got another 40% off on top of the already half price discount and ended up getting a $200 coat for around $60. I thought it was really cool of the cashier to tell me about the coupon even though she didn’t have anything to gain from it.

Another Home Depot item: I need a 12 inch square piece of plexiglass for a model railroad building I wanted to scratch build. I found one in their scrap pile of cut pieces. After (finally) finding a employee, he looked at it and tried to figure out how he would calculate its value (probably a dollar or two), he whipped out a piece of paper and wrote “free” on it.

I ran into JCPenney last Saturday. Bad idea. They were having some kind of sale (turning the store into some kind of insane nightmare.) I had no idea, you see. I just wanted a bathing suit. I saw that they’d put out a big batch of suits (for winter travelers, I assume) a few weeks ago, but I had no time for bathing suit-shopping. I managed to shove through the crowd and tried on all the suits-of-proper-size, and actually found a winner. But how was I going to get out of the store? There were 20 people at the largest checkout, so I veered off into regular ladieswear. Aha! The cool clerk was there. She’s fast and friendly. The cranky older lady in front of me was being a pain, but super clerk refused to be baited and calmly went over old lady’s receipt. When I got up to wonder-clerk, I smiled sweetly. She rang up my suit ($76!!!) and discreetly asked if I had a coupon. I chatted w/her for a few minutes and she pulled a $15-off coupon out of nowhere. That was just amazing. She’s probably seen me 5 times, yet she was thoughtful enough to save me money. I guess I deserved it for all the times I’ve done similar things in my previous life as a cashier, but I still don’t expect for people to be that nice.

I like when I go to a grocery store to buy a few things and the cashier asks me if I have my Price Plus card (or whatever the particular chain calls them). When I deny ownership of such a card, they whip one out of nowhere and scan it. I get all of the discounts without having my purchasing habits tracked by Big Brother. Those cashiers please me.

Last year I was at Super Wal-Mart. I had a backache when I got there and really underestimated how long it would take for me to get through with my shopping. By the end of the trip, I was was in real pain and got into the line (10 deep, I kid you not). All of the lines were like that, so I just got in line and set my basket on the floor and waited. I wasn’t making the “COME ON!” face or anything- just waiting.

Out of nowhere, an employee comes up to me, out of all those people in line and quietly says “Miss, if you would come with me, I’ll get you checked out” and motioned for me to follow her. She was working in one of the Wal-Mart side stores (they have a Mary Kate and Ashley store within the store) and she checked me out in there. I thanked her over and over and she just said “You know, you just looked like you were having some trouble. Do you want some help out with this stuff?”

I couldn’t believe that she noticed, first off, and that she pulled me from the line to check me out. My father works at that same store so I was able to chat with the store manager personally at a later date and tell him how great she was.

We also had a good experience at Home Depot. We bought a new faucet when we remodeled our kitchen. Well, the damn thing broke off! We took it over to HD and the guy apologized like he ran over my grandma or something. He replaced it free of charge. Very nice experience!

I also had a good one at Bed, Bath & Beyond. They took back a clock that we purchased over a year ago! No questions asked. I love when that happens.