Nice try bud, next time use your brother's ID

So this kid comes through my checkstand tonight, he looks to be 15, 18 tops.

He’s buying beer, so I ask for his ID. He must of “borrowed” his dad’s ID, because it says he was born in 1980. :rolleyes: At least he didn’t argue much when I refused the sale.

1980? That would make him 30, 31 tops. Not likely to be the father of a 15-18 year old. Probably was a (much) older brother, or friend, or random stranger.

But if we’re telling dumbass ID stories - I must have been 16 or 17, and we recruited the tallest guy we were friends with to buy beer (tall=old, right?). I had all the money, so for some reason he just grabbed my whole wallet and went in to the liquor store that “never carded”. When he did get carded, he panicked, and gave them my ID, which seems like it should have worked poorly, considering that I was underage - and a girl. He still got the beer, though. :smack:

I once had some kid try to buy some cigars and hand me a library card. :rolleyes: (Well, it did have his picture on it)

Shit, I’ve had clerks who thought I borrowed or stole my own ID. I look young enough that some get really cautious and quiz me one birthday/driver’s license #, etc.

But then other places I’ve walked right in, ordered or bought and never even got ID’ed at all. I guess if you’re underage you might as well just play the odds.

Everyone tried to become my friend in junior high because I grew a beard (not just peach fuzz), and they thought I looked old enough, at least to get cigarettes, if not alcohol.

I never actually tried it out, though.

That’s the way I played it, until I got my gas jockey job. Then I merely sold myself the beer, as I worked the graveyard shift and was the only one there.

Heh. I was a convenience store clerk in a town that had an Air Force base. Every now and then, some idjit would talk a friend into lending a military ID card. Since I knew this sort of thing, I always confiscated them, and turned them into the MPs at the gate when I went home with an explanation.

I think that I confiscated three before word got around about what I’d do.

Only time I ever had to ask for an ID was when some kid came in to buy cigarettes. He might’ve been old enough, but he look way more nervous than he should’ve for getting a pack of smokes. When I asked for his ID, I got this.

:eek: Um…it’s in my car!:eek:

Out the door he went. Never came back. It’s like he thought I could have him arrested on the spot.

Store policy is to card everyone who looks under 30. But I get the “it’s in my car” thing all he friggin’ time.

Way back in the beginning of time, we had to fill out our own high school ID cards, which would then be laminated. Of course, we all figured out you could put in whatever birth date you wanted. The drinking age was 18 at the time.

We would get carded, and show them the high school ID card. Worked every time! :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I had about 3 drinks ever underage, because I was one who looked quite young for a long time. “They” carded me until I was into my thirties. I was carded for alcohol, cigarettes, (which didn’t happen often in the 80s when I was underage but happened more frequently in the 90s when I was getting close to 30) lottery tickets, and once for just sitting in a mall coffee shop, having a coffee and some lunch on my way to my next homecare client.

I was 26 and I had a truant officer hassle me> “Where are you supposed to be right now?”
I gave him a blank look.
You know you aren’t supposed to be in here on your spare, Missy."He points to a sign saying “No high school students allowed during school hours.”

Missy? Spare? Oh, right. “Look, I am on my way to work, I’m 26! And pulled out my drivers licence”

He got flustered and looked at the license. He walked away, muttering.

Now when I help my boyfriend run shows especially “all ages” shows I am often left to check IDs. Its funny the body language usually gives it away long before I can spot if someone is 19, especially for the boys. In general if a girl looks about 12 but has an ID she is probably the right age. The really young ones don’t try to pass. I have ID’d 30 year olds though, and make their day.

You sure have had a lot of interesting minimum wage jobs and bowel complaints. You know, you’re the only person I tried to ignore here and for some reason I can’t. You’re really… something.

I almost got into a fist fight as a clerk with a guy I refused to sell to.

The scene … prom night. A limo pulls up and six kids pile out and come into the store and take forever choosing a variety of wine coolers and beer. Like a wagon train, the each brought something up to the counter and then five of them left to get back into the limo. The one guy who remained stood there smiling in his tux with his ID proudly displayed.

“Dude, there’s no way I’m selling you alcohol for a limo full of high school kids.”
“This isn’t for them; it’s all for me.”
“What am I an idiot?”

Long story short, I pulled all the alcohol behind the counter and he grabbed for it and we got into a bit of yelling match with plenty of “Assholes”, “Fuck heads” and “Douchebags” thown about. He finally left after threatening to come back after prom to beat me up. Surprisingly, he never showed.

You guys are probably sick of me telling this story, but the worst ID story we have is from a couple of summers ago when we had to produce ID to buy a beer at Wrigley Field when we were visiting Chicago. They refused my husband’s Canadian driver’s license on the grounds that it “wasn’t a REAL license.” To start with, we’re in our forties, so the grey hair and wrinkles probably gave it away that we’re over 21, but if policy is to ID everyone, then fine, but when they started demanding a passport as ID to buy some cheap-ass, watered down beer, well, I was ready to pull 'em out, actually, since they were in my purse.

Funny how an Alberta driver’s license is good enough for a State Trooper, but not a beer jockey. :slight_smile:

At least you didn’t try to pay 'em with play money, too.


One time I got carded and slipped the cashier a fiver underneath my (underage) ID card. It worked.

I’m such a badass.

I got it quite frequently too. But my favourite incident went like this:

Me: Can I see some ID, please?
Him: I left it in the car.
Me: Can you go back to the car to get it?
Him: Um … I left the car at home.

Well, points for trying, anyway.

I’ve probably told this one as well, but…

A few years ago I went to a concert with a friend of mine. I was 37 or 38 at the time. He’s ten-ish years older than me and looks every day of it. When we went to get drinks, they wouldn’t take his ID because it was out of state. Then they wouldn’t take mine because it wasn’t a driver’s license. We had to have the 22 year olds sitting next to us buy our drinks all day. :rolleyes:

Much more recently, I went to a divey bar where the bartender carded me, took my ID (which in fairness to her is 15 years or so old, it’s not a license so it doesn’t need to be renewed), hemmed and hawed, took it to her manager, came back and asked for a second ID. I’M 40 FREAKING YEARS OLD, JUST GIVE ME A DRINK!!!

I love that bit in American Graffiti.
Terry “The Toad” Fields…trying to buy some hard stuff for Debbie (his date)

I’ll have a comb, a pen, a pack of gum, and oh yeah, a bottle of Jack Daniels… (or something close)
Got to be cool when you do it.

I looked like a kid well into my 20s and maybe even my early 30s. People would look at my ID and ask me my secret, or make jokes about me being a vampire, but they never denied me entrance or denied me a drink.

Yet my brother, who is younger but always looked more or less his age, got refused entrance at least a couple of times because they thought he must be using someone else’s ID. This was right after I had entered immediately before him after being carded by the same individual. It never made sense to us.

I should add that we were both of legal age at the time so that wasn’t the issue.