Nicest and Most Evil Aliens in Movies/TV

Looks and/or actions-just the first pair that pops into your head…

Meep from Phineas & Ferb, and the head alien from Mars Attacks

E.T./Roger (from American Dad)

Oh, wait…you said evil, not snarky!

E.T./Xenomorphs from Alien/s/3/etc.


Most evil? Those flying parasites from original series Star Trek that infest people then control them through pain come to mind as a candidate.

Nicest? Those hedonistic Baywatch extras from the TNG episode “Justice”.

Nicest: The pleasure GELF on Red Dwarf

Most Evil: Too many to choose from, but the “To Serve Man” guys on The Twilight Zone were pretty nasty.

You mean the ones from the Planet of the Blond Joggers? :slight_smile:

E.T. for nice; the aliens in Independence Day for nasty. The later were nasty just for the sake of being so.

You decide which is which. :smiley:

Nicest? Princess Leia, ROTJ, as Jabba’s slave. Never a nicer alien have I ever seen.

Most evil? The Face Hugger from Alien. As a child it was the fear of face huggers getting me while sleeping that kept me me up at night. Evil Bastards.

The Starmanwas a pretty nice guy.

The Brain from Planet Arouswasn’t very nice at all.

Nicest, Superman

Most Evil, the Thing (from another world)

My uncle Martin. Oops, nicest.