Nicholas Berg...Why does this article say "believed to be beheaded"?

Read paragraph 3 of this story.

Nicholas Berg
Why does it say, “believed to be beheaded”?

I’ve seen the video of Berg. He 100% was beheaded. Does the press want to hide the fact that the video of his death is out there?

What’s the spin on this?

I think you’re misreading it. We are not absolutely sure who did the beheading, which is why it actually reads “believed to have been beheaded by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.”

Correct. Whoever was actually beheading was wearing a mask in videos.

I see. The article has changed now, to make that clearer. Perhaps they read my thread?

I had no idea that was supposed to actually be al-Zarqawi cutting his throat.

Actually, the Wikipedia article on Nicholas Berg says there is some confusion as to if its actually Berg they are killing. It also mentions that Berg may have been dead when they cut his head off.

Ughhh…I feel sick now.

I just re-read my OP. I misquoted. The original story said “Nicholas Berg is believed to have been beheaded in 2004.”

I see now it is clarified to indicate that al-Zaqawi may have been the murderer.