Nicholas Roeg dead at 90

I thought “Walkabout” was amazing. “Performance”…well, fun, I guess.
“Man Who Fell to Earth” was kinda funky - only 13 when I saw it - probably could use another viewing.


He was also a cinematographer who worked on *Lawrence of Arabia, Dr. Zhivago, Masque of the Red DEath, Fahrenheit 451, * and A Funny Thing Happened on the WAy to the Forum. But I admit I’ll always remember him for the offbeat The Man Who Fell to Earth.

Note to self: Get off lazy ass to finally get around to seeing Don’t Look Now.

An outstanding cinematographer, most of whose best known films as a director strayed into unsavory areas of sex and death. His trademark non-linear editing style has been hugely influential, though he seemed to lose his way a bit after - or perhaps during - Bad Timing. I found Track 29 and Two Deaths unwatchable, and while Eureka begins well, it ultimately succumbs to one of the silliest courtroom climaxes in cinema. Plotting was rarely a strong point of his movies. Nevertheless, his reputation as a director was secured with his first four non-fiction features: Performance (co-directed with Donald Cammell), Walkabout, Don’t Look Now and The Man Who Fell to Earth.

That should have been “his first four fiction features”.

I saw that movie as a kid, and it scared the shit out of me. I forgot the name of it, started a thread here to find out, got my answer, watched it again, and was still freaked out by it.

Good movie

Big Audio Dynamite’s E=mc2 is a tribute to the first five or so of his movies. Nice song.