Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds in Chicago, anyone going?

Just getting ready to head up to Chicago to see Mr. Cave and the Bad Seeds Friday night, and was wondering if any other dopers were going. I have not purchased his last two albums; but he represents such a chunk of my record collection that I feel I owe it to myself to see him once. This will be my first time. And while I’m sure it will be good, I had the fortune to see Tom Waits on his Mule Variations tour, and I seriously doubt anything will top that for me, ever.

But, again, Nick Cave still holds a special place in my heart. I was traveling in Europe and found a record store in northern Italy that had his entire collection, all the way thru good son, on vinyl. In those days I would buy records even if I already owned them on CD, just, well, just because. I bought them all and lugged those damned things around on my back for weeks.

So while his heyday may be waining…

Anyone else going?

Well, the Nick Cave fan club seems a little on the small size here…

I saw the show in Toronto here on Sunday night. I was essentially dragged by my wife, and her sister and brother, who I guess grew up on Mr Cave’s various bands. I’ve never thought too much of him, in fact I saw him as part of the 93 (maybe 94?) Lollapalooza tour and it barely registered. I think I must have been too excited about the Pumpkins to notice.

Anyway, my mind was changed 100% by this show. I don’t believe I have ever seen a tighter live band before. The intensity of the musicians was amazing, the execution of the songs was flawless, the sound was nearly perfect (for the space), and the selection of tracks was very impressive. (I don’t know much of his music, I just mean each song worked so well with the next).

I would say that this would definately rank as one of the best surprises I’ve ever had at a live show.

Just had to pipe in to the apparently slim Nick Cave fan club.

I just got back in town from the Chicago show, and it was amazing! I must admit I’m a huge fan anyway (I actually like the direction he’s been going in with his last couple of albums), so he could probably have done little wrong. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more wholly entertaining show. He did a nice variety of songs, and for a guy who can’t dance, he sure put in some moves.

He does qualify, though, for the worst haircut in rock and roll.

I find that hard to believe. I see his name come up (came up a lot in the songs about murder thread).

But the question is, is the tour heading east or west? West, right, and I already missed it?

betenoir - I was just refering to the lack of response to the OP.

The tour is going west to east. Dates are available at:

I’m going to the show in Boston tomorrow! I’ve seen him many times throughout the years and he always puts on a solid show, I’ve never been disappointed. One of my favorites live is “Deanna,” especially in a club because everyone starts bopping up and down. It’s funny that people are bopping to such a sinister song.