Nickel-coated cast iron pans: worth it?

In a couple of threads on kitchen equipment,** Bump** has gotten some of us excited about a $120 nickel-plated cast iron skillet (and other equipment).

Clearly there’s a gross disparity in the cost of a regular cast iron, and many people laud cast iron’s ostensible ease of cleaning … but some of us have in-laws. No, that’s not fair to them; it only happened once and they promised never to touch it again. Good folk.

Anyway, the selling points of the fancy-shmancy pans is that they can take an enormous amount of abuse—through to putting them in the dishwasher. For some of us, no matter how easy it can be to clean the cast iron, the prospect of putting it in the dishwasher is pretty blissful. Plus, there is the promise of being able to cook without any trace of seasoning (flavour or otherwise) transferring to the food it’s cooking.

But the reviews on Amazon are a bit mixed—most of the negative relate to the quality of the plating. Anyone here have experience with them? Anyone know how easy Olvida is in replacing their products under warranty? Can we really sear a steak, throw it in the dishwasher, and make meat-free pancakes the next morning? Hungry minds want to know!

They’d be kinda hard to walk in.

  • Looks at thread title again.* Oh! Never mind.

Well, in truth I am sort a panting over these things. :slight_smile: