Nickel-Free Watch Source?

I am allergic to nickel… The battery plate on the back of my plastic Swatch even bugs me. I break out in localized hives.

I know there are some manufacturers who advertise “nickel-free” watches, but a guy at a watch store told me that I need to look for a “solid steel” watch and it will be nickel-free.

Anyone know the skinny? Was the watch store guy right? Any recommendations?

Thanks y’all - Aunty Canty

Just type “nickel free watches” into google and watch the sites pile up! This one has nickel free jewelry, including watches

First one here

but many, many more - some addressing the stainless steel vs nickel thing directly. :slight_smile:

best darn search engine (or one of the best)

I had already checked google and a few of the links provided, but missed Simply Whispers…

Yew duh bomb. :wink: