Nicknames or Calling Cards Adopted as Legal Names


However, the State of Indiana at one point issued me a RealID (the document that lets me into an airport) that had a different name than what appeared on my pilot’s license (a Federal document that actually lets me fly an airplane. I don’t want to rehash the problem all over again (it appeared in another thread a couple years ago) but it sure pissed the hell out of me.

Strangely, he was called Meat his entire life, though. Nickname from childhood, added Loaf later.

One Robert Allen Zimmermann legally changed his name to Bob Dylan as early as 1962, when he still only was known by a small circle of people in Greenwich Village. Everything you need to know about that change here:

Interestingly enough Warrior’s rival “Ravishing” Rick Rude may have legally changed his name to that. (At least that’s what I remember reading in a wrestling magazine as a kid. They played fast and loose with the truth though so it might not be true.)

After using this nom de plume for years Stanley Martin Lieberman legally changed his name to Stan Lee.

Todd Alan Clem changed his first and middle names to Bubba the Love Sponge.