Nicotine in itself is bad for you. It's good as an adjunct drug for some mental disorders.

See subjects, which although without question marks are GQs. I’ve researched by Googling on the subject, and am a subscriber to the newsletter of the Brain & Behavior Research Foundation (formerly known as NARSAD). But I am not a scientist. Anecdotally, I am in support of the second half of the hed, for my mood disorder; in fact, my psychiatrist, a doctor of course, has told me so and, if not encouraging taking up smoking, has not discouraged it.

I now think e-cigarettes are the best thing since sliced bread. (In my case.)

Now, my Googling is just that: a layman’s brush with negative Google-itis (Internet-induced hypochondria). I would like to hear from others with more scientific knowledge–cite away, if you feel like it–and other anecdotes.

It’s not well understood, but nicotine may help some schizophrenic patients.

I am probably one of the very few people who likes the smell of cigarette smoke. I started smoking when I was about sixteen years old, and smoked for about eight years, and then again off and on. I had a cigarette about six months ago, but I don’t smoke on a regular basis now. To be honest, I would if it were not bad for my health. I’ve heard that when one inhales the smoke from a cigarette they feel the good effects in about eight seconds. I think it does temporarily alter brain chemicals for the better initially, as I guess that’s why people get addicted. I think it probably can help a person emotionally, but it is a catch-22, as a person who smokes regularly will probably get a major health problem from smoking over time.

I love nicotine lozenges. I use about 12 a day. I haven’t smoked cigarettes for over a year. So my addiction is better than it once was. I think.