Nifong claims unfair treatment by NC bar, subtitled The dog ate my law license

Cry me a river, muthafucker. About the only thing worse than a lying, grandstanding sack of shit, is a lying, grandstanding sack of shit who can’t even spell “contrition”, much less display it. Where’s the kiss my ass smiley when you need it?

Wow, I thought you were being hyperbolic with the reference to the dog eating his license, but no – he is literally complaining that his license was not suitable for framing.

If I were the Bar, I would tastefully mat and frame his disbarrment notification before mailing it. But I doubt he would recognize the sarcasm.

Nah, then they’d have to admit that they actually gave the asswipe a license in the first place.

To be fair, Nifong’s complaint has some small merit. His lying ass should be handed to him by the book, if for no other reason than he can see how a non-lying asshat moron does the job.

Lead by example, folks.

How was that not done?

According to the article, the written ruling and the oral ruling didn’t quite match up.

But it was corrected.

The State Bar rep should have retorted, “That same dog that ate the evidence in the Duke case?”

What’s so interesting about this case in that, up until the Duke case, Nifong had a long, completely competent, under-the-radar career.

Well then, there you go.

Yeah, If I was doing time in North Carolina on a conviction won by this clown, I would be asking for an investigation of my case. Of course, I would be doing it if I was guilty, or innocent. (Not that there are any guilty folks in prison, you know.)


So, wait. Was he complaining that his law license had been chewed by a puppy when he received it, or was he merely bemoaning the fact that he had himself allowed it subsequently to be so chewed?

'Cause I’ve got this hilarious mental image of somebody smuggling a puppy into the North Carolina Bar Association office that I’d rather not part with, thank you very much.

The five years previous to his appointment as DA were spent in traffic court; I suspect “competence” is relative.
Nifong needed to win the election in order to secure a more valuable state pension. Presumably, in his long career he had never had such a motive to commit (potentially) criminal acts.

You’re saying more succinctly what I was trying to say. I was just saying that, up until the Duke debacle, while not a shooting star, he was functioning in his given job(s), and not doing anything that attracted much attention. The New Yorker article I read (and bits elsewhere) didn’t specifically mention the pension issue.

That is exactly what happened.
Your welcome.

The Smoking Gun has the original letter. Why he felt he needed to mention the puppy, I haven’t the faintest clue.

Seems clear to me that Nifong’s puppy did the chewing. As further evidence on behalf of this conclusion, note that Nifong refers to the puppy as a female. Unless he did DNA testing on the chewed license to determine the beast’s sex, it seems unlikely he would know this salient fact unless the puppy was his. Possibly he did do a DNA test but “lost” the results. We may never know, and this seems fundamentally unfair.

Personally speaking, none of my licenses has ever been chewed by my puppies, although in one memorable incident Bubba lifted his leg on my only good sport coat (which was hanging on a chair) just before an important job interview.

I just read the letter itself. While the puppy chewing is pretty damned funny, I think the worst part of the letter is his whole attitude about how wrongfuly he’s been treated. Spare fucking me.

Especially in light of this, from the linked article :

I dunno–I think he was just playing it safe in giving an explanation for why the license he was turning in was mutilated. Didn’t want them to think he defaced it on purpose in disrespect of the order. Same with the reference to the misspelling of the middle name–he doesn’t want them to think he is not actually turning in his own license.

No comment on the last paragraph, though.

For certain values of ‘function,’ anyway. As a traffic prosecutor, he could function. Hell, I could do that job… What the hell he thought he was doing trying anything more difficult than that, I have no idea…