Nigerian Spam Con

This isn’t a question but if you haven’t seen the following and want a good laugh please have a look at

If it’s not a question, it doesn’t belong in this forum. Please read the forum descriptions.

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DrMatrix - General Questions Moderator

I do think a good question - maybe even for Cecil - would be the origin of the Nigerian scam. I heard somewhere it still brings a lot of money into Nigeria, greedy folks trying to profit from this thing. I got an email version of it the other day that said, “the client with the account died and left no nest of king.” It also has showed up in our fax machine occasionally from some unknown source - when I lived in New Mexico and now here in Port of Spain, Trinidad.

I love it! Thanks for sharing. I hadn’t seen that one before.

My aunt used to have a dog that looked just like Willis. Funny looking, but a very sweet and loving personality.

OK DrMatrix. I’ll post it as a question. Have you seen the following: (it’s good for a laugh!)

Actually that isn’t a question. Questions typically end with this symbol, ? Coincidentally, the symbol is called a question mark.