Night at the Museum 2

What a fucking load of twaddle.

The first was OK, sort of, but boy did they screw up the sequel.

That is all

Well, the first one was pretty mediocre, too. And they even had Carla Gugino. Of course, I guess the less there is, if you’re going to have Hollywood’s hottest woman (top 10 anyway), she should actually be on screen occasionally.


They did have Amy Adams running around in tight jodhpurs. But that was about the only thing it had going for it.

I liked both movies, and the second had the added pleasure for me of being set in the Smithsonian Museums, which was familiar territory, since I grew up not too far from Washington, DC. I’ve seen plenty of kids’ movies that were far less clever and entertaining (G Force, I’m looking at you). Plus, the second movie had Hank Azaria, so how far wrong could it have gone?

I enjoyed what they did with the paintings in the National Gallery of Art, plus the cameo from the flight control guy from Apollo 13.

Cute, fun, entertaining and diverting enough – I don’t want my time and money back.

Too late to edit – I wanted to add that nevertheless, ‘twaddle’ is one of my favorite disparaging words, and I intend to work it into conversation at the next opportunity.

How so? What did you think was wrong with it?

Well for one those little fucking cherubs flying about warbling away.

For seconds the sheer stupidity of having two capuchin monkeys babbling away to each other.

Shall I go on?

That seems to be Clint Howard’s most famous role, he cameos as him so often.

Please do… because from those two examples I’m not seeing anything taht points to them screwing up.

Wait… there was something *other *than Amy Adams running around in tight jodhpurs? I must’ve missed it.