Night hungries?

Does anyone get very hungry at night? I typically eat very lightly and have very little appetite until about 7 pm. Then I find myself getting hungrier and hungrier. Then I eat too much and find it difficult to sleep. Is there any way to combat this? I want to lose weight. I suspect this is part of the problem.

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Well, now that I see the thread bumped, I’m thinking about it again.
Gah, Wendy’s sounds so good right now, too…I was just contemplating bed before I read this thread too.

I think I’ll just go to bed. I’ll dream about eating a large marshmallow and…well…you know the rest.


Eating a lot right before you go to bed is a pretty good way not to lose weight. I don’t know how you can fight it; can you go to bed pretty hungry and try to fill up more at breakfast? It’s not a bad thing to go to bed moderately hungry; I often find that if I do, I still sleep just fine and don’t notice any difference in the morning.

Good luck, and think about consulting a nutritionist or something if you don’t manage it on your own.

Cheese- calcium helps. Crackers- filling and satisfying. Not to excess.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with eating a small meal before bed.
I usually stick to foods with higher protein or fat ratios and avoid carbs late at night. Even when I was dieting, I’d usually have an egg with cheese or a spoonful of olive oil right before I went to sleep.

Since I’ve been doing this, my appetite is actually strongest early in the morning, which I guess is good since I’ve been told breakfast should be the largest meal. And I lost weight too.

Hasn’t this been dispelled as a myth? I’ve read a number of articles over the last year or so that says that it’s just an old wives’ tale that you burn less of the fat from meals eaten not long before going to bed. Google “eating before bed myth” (without quotes) and lots of hits come up.

I do, I call it dinner #2. Unless I really stuff myself at dinner time, I usually eat again around 11:00pm. Lately it’s been Pasta Sides, quick and easy (and good), but I can’t imagine it’s a good thing to have a big bowl of pasta and then go to sleep.
If I go to bed hungry I’ll wake up a few hours before it’s time to get up have a BIG glass of chocolate milk and fall right back to sleep.

Man, I’ve switched to mostly night shifts so I work until midnight 5 nights a week. I’ve been noticing that if I wake up at night, I’m freakin’ starving! I have crappy eating habits and typically eat one decent meal a day, if that. But egads, if I wake up at 4 am, the chow is going down. I’m also likely to eat sweeter things then for some reason.

I’ve never been a night eater before. I think it’s because I’m essentially a morning person being forced into a night shift. When I was in high school, it didn’t matter if I ate breakfast, I was famished at 10am, exactly. It unfortunately coincided with my “Intro To Data Processing” class back when people were certain that a crumb could take down an entire network of TRS-80’s. My bagel sandwiches were very, very unwelcome visitors. But seriously, starving!