Night of the Living Dead Threads

How old is too old to pull up an old thread and comment on or add to it? (Assuring one has something pertinent to add, and not just a “mee too” or something ridiculously mundane and pointless?)

Are there different “rules” for different forums?
(Don’t worry; I’m not planning on any resurrections. Yet, anyway.)

There are some people with elaborate rules, but the simplest thing is to say “What Would Cecil Do?” :smiley:

And since that’s not much help (since he’s more excentric than predictable) go with your gut.
If you’d want to read the thread again, there’s a good chance somone else would, too. Some people whine whether you raise, repeat, or link to, so take it as a given you’ll get some flak, and just let it roll off. A good boosted thread will stay active and a dead one will resist all efforts to revive it.

I asked the same question a bit ago, here. Duck Duck Goose gave me a really useful answer - I have it etched into my heart!