night of the living dead

I’m kind of late with this thread ,but I have question about “night of the living dead” movie recently shown in theatres.
Remember how those survivors locked the entrances to the mall and somehow zombies could not get in.The doors were all made of glass and very flimsy and to me not very strong.Maybe one or two zombies won’t smash them but hundreds of them?
By the way first 10-15 minutes of the movie were best and scariest I have ever seen.The rest BS.

One of those reality cop shows awhile back showed a guy throwing concrete blocks against a door window…it would not break.

It’s not your plain old window glass you know.

Do a search for some of the older threads on this movie. One ran to 100+ posts.

Also, the movie in question is DAWN OF THE DEAD, not NOTLD. It will help if you search for that.

The doors were pretty strong, the criminal character in the beginning mentions how strong they are when the zombie slides up against them. In the original version, they park the trailers in front of the doors so the zombies can’t get any leverage.

correct me if I’m wrong;individual zombie can get out from 6-feet underground covered by hundreds of kilograms of soil plus he has to break open the casket.
But hundreds of them have problem with stupid glass and alluminum door!?

I think most of the zombies in this movie were live people who became infected. They weren’t dead and buried before becoming zombies.

I thought the movie was alright. The first 10-15 min. were pretty good. I don’t know what was up with those doors, but i guess you have to remember one thing. It’s the movies.

I think it unlikely that the zombies in any of the Living Dead movies had actually been buried. In the Romero movies, they didn’t seem to be particularly strong, and wouln’t have been able to bust out of a coffin that had six feet of dirt piled on top. Most likely, the first people to become undead after the satellite blew up were waiting for their funerals. After that, anyone who died would probably be up and shambling before they could be put into a box and dropped into a hole.

In the original Dawn of the Dead, after they blockade the doors with semi-trailers, someone asks whether the zombies can break the glass. The answer was that they could not get any leverage with the trucks in the way.

As for the zombies’ strength, they were no stronger than anyone else (in the original).