NightCrawler : "It would be murder" (SPOILERS)

The phrase “it would be murder” is in the trailer to this film.

In the movie Nightcrawler, the main character films 2 men exiting a mansion after shooting the occupants. He withholds this footage from the police and neglects to tell them an accurate description.

Later, he uses license plate lookup to find the men’s address. He finds their vehicle and, instead of calling the police, follows them until they arrive at a restaurant with glass windows and good lighting. Now he calls the police, with plenty of time to catch clear shots on camera as one of the men draws a gun under the table, then ambushes a police officer, shooting him in the head, and a shootout and a car chase ensues.

One of the suspects reaches his vehicle and is chased for about a mile, then crashes and is pinned in the vehicle. The movie’s main character tells his assistant ‘he’s dead, get a closeup’. As it turns out, the suspect was still alive and he shoots his assistant dead, while the movie’s protagonist gets clear footage of his assistant dying.

I’m unsure which of his crimes are murder.

 1.  Withholding evidence from the police.  There's no mandatory duty to report in the case of a murderer as far as I know. 
 2.  Telling his assistant to get a closeup.  Even if you could show that he knew the armed criminal was still alive, he didn't pull the trigger and there is nothing illegal about asking an employee to stand somewhere with a video camera.  It's worthy of a civil case for a dangerous work environment, but it isn't a crime.
 3.  Lying to the police.  This may be a felony, but the deaths did not occur in the commission of a crime, so I don't think this is murder, either.  

For those who have seen the movie : did the main character commit a murder or not? He’s not a good guy, we’ve seen him commit assault, felony grand theft, tampering with a crime scene, trespassing, and other crimes. As an indirect result of his actions, several people died - but armed criminals who have no relationship to the movie’s main character committed all those murders. The most serious crime I saw him commit was that he tampered with the vehicle of his competitor, causing him to crash - that’s got to be several felonies worth, maybe even attempted murder.

I just looked it up. When the movie’s main character states that he didn’t see the criminals, and that he didn’t have video footage of them, this is probably only a misdemeanor in California. The movie’s protagonist is not false reporting a crime, or lying about his identity, he is simply lying about his knowledge about the suspects.

From here. I vaguely remember there’s creative ways that someone can be charged with murder if in the course of committing some other felony, a death occurs as a result. Since the main character is lying his ass off to the cops to hide information he has so he can get better video footage of the takedown, he’s a very bad man. However, the lying is a misdemeanor.