Nightflyers - new horror show from George R.R. Martin

The good news about this show is that they are emphasizing online viewing, much like they did 12 Monkeys in its final two seasons.

Originally, five were going to be online tomorrow and the following five the next week. Anyway, it looks like one per day is going online for 10 days and that is enough for me to be interested. (uh, it airs on TV as well I assume).

Syfy channel, so mixed bag expectations.

I am not familiar with the book or the movie they made awhile ago. I am, however, interested in the show.

Anyone else planning on watching?

From what little I’ve read about it, the premise, other than the space-y special effects, doesn’t sound too promising. I can’t get excited about it.

Craziness and horror in space, it’s been done so many times, and never (in my memory) done very well.

I’m at best lukewarm on this. Maybe I’ll give it a shot, maybe not.

For us old fogies who still watch television shows on actual televisions, according to IMDb it starts tonight and airs Sunday through Thursday at 10pm Eastern on SyFy for two weeks. (10 episodes total.)

The only example I can think of that fits that description and that I liked quite a bit was the remake of Solaris, with George Clooney and Natasha McElhonne.

I also LOVED Sunshine through two acts. The third act was total shit so I can’t really count it as a good example, but man those first two acts were great.

The original Alien, I suppose, was a good space horror movie but lacked “craziness” ala Solaris or something like Event Horizon. (Which I still think of as “In the Mouth of Madness in space!”)

Of all of Martin’s “Thousand Worlds” stories, they had to do this one? They couldn’t have done *Tuf Voyaging *or Dying of the Light first?

They did this one as a movie back in 1987.

I was underwhelmed, and pretty disappointed. I finally tracked down the story and read it, and it’s better than the film (generally true of Martin’s filmed works, prior to Game of Thrones. They really screwed up Sandkings when they did it for TV). But I have to admit I wasn’t that thrilled with Martin’s novella, either.

The miniseries might be better – they’ll have a LOT more time to explain some rather complex concepts than the movie did. But I’m still not completely sold.

I’m five episodes in and this show has really developed into a pretty solid show. A weird one, but quite solid.


Yeah, it’s not too bad. Are we doing spoilers in this thread?

Yes, of what has aired, anyway.

I just watched the sixth one, which features…zombies. Well, just cult-woman who have lost their minds, but still.

I mean…yeesh.

A great episode and this is rising in quality all the time.