NightRabbit has been banned--CHANGE/SUSPENSION

Poster NightRabbit was discovered to be a sock of nongoog, who was previously banned after admitting to having multiple accounts. She was invited to contact TubaDiva to resolve the issue, but chose not to do that. Because we have strict rules against posters registering multiple accounts, she is now banned.

Man, you guys work late!

Upon reexamination of the records and discussion with the staff, this banning on NightRabbit has been modified to a two-month suspension.

If you have a problem with your registration/screen name/password/etc. on the SDMB the very worst thing you can do is abandon the old name and start a new one.

The thing to do is to write an administrator and ask for help. If you can’t find an administrator write a moderator. Heck, report a post – anybody can do that, you don’t have to be a member – tell us what’s going on with you so we can fix it.