Nighttime mode on the Boards?

I didn’t see a thread on this, so wanted to ask: Is nighttime mode something that could ever be offered on the SDMB?

I say ‘ever’ because it might require a significant cash outlay, something that may not be possible. Or, I suppose it might depend on the software the Dope uses (?rents).

What is “nighttime mode”?

Black background with white text. Saves your night vision and battery charge on devices with OLED screens.

Not necessarily black and white. THIS* is more my style.

ETA: *You may need to turn ‘nighttime mode’ on

Its available on Tapatalk.

So, basically you’re asking if the SDMB could offer a different color scheme?

And automatically on my iPhone.

Oh. I was hoping it was an allusion to “drunks can’t post when enabled”. I’d use it.

Then you’ll never get anyone to Mod.

Some third-party browsers have a nighttime mode. Download one from your device’s app store.

Seeing as we can’t get the current mobile style fixed, I doubt we can offer another style natively on the site. In theory I could make a userscript, but I’m not an actual designer, and it seems apps exist that have night mode offerings.

And if someone else can actually design a new style, then it’d probably easier to use a user styler (like Stylish) than for me to convert it to a userscript.