Nikon camera charging in Japan Q.

My daughter has a Nikon digital camera bought here. She’s going to Japan next month for a couple of weeks. Will this camera battry charger work on their current?

IIRC, they have 50-cycle, which should not affect the charging, or would it?

No problem at all. I’ve taken many American electronics to Japan and vice versa, and never had a problem.

Generally, the only things that are affected by the 50/60 Hz difference are high-power motors (e.g. vacuum cleaners) and timers/clocks that use the line frequency for reference (e.g. kitchen appliances with a manual timer dial).

What does the input specification on the charger say? The voltage in Japan is 100 VAC, as opposed to our 120 VAC.

Jumping in with scr4, I routinely use lots of electronics, including my laptop and camera, in Japan with no ill effect. My impression is that my [Canon] camera batteries take a mite longer to charge, but I don’t have any accurate data to back that up.

I don’t think it should have any problem with it. I got a friend to bring over a GameBoy Micro (I wanted the FamiCom-controller edition) and plug it right into the wall, no ill effects. I haven’t had problems with any of the other randomness that he’s brought over, either. Even the PS2 works just fine.

Thanks, all, good to know it will work.