Nine Inch Nails tour

Nine Inch Nails came to Charlottesville VA last night. They’ve been one of my favorite bands for a long time, but I’ve already seen Van Halen, Smashing Pumpkins, and Miranda Lambert this year, so I wasn’t going to spend the money.

Friday though I ran into a good cheap ticket deal, so I went. Amazing show. Band sounded great, Trent sounded great, and the stage show was amazing. They had these huge LED curtain/screen things, one behind the stage, one in the middle, and one in front. They raised/lowered them during different parts of the show. Anyway they used the screens to show all sorts of psychadelic effects in time to the music, or a wall of snow with a clear area that followed Trent around, or simulated rain. Very bright, colorful, and mesmerising.

I couldn’t find any videos to do it justice, but this is one with the front screen down and the break in the snow following Trent:

The band mixed it up a lot, started off with new music, then played plenty of their older songs. Changed the stage around 2 or 3 times, they played quite a few different instruments. On many of the hard rocking songs like Head Like a Hole they basically played straight rock without screens and special effects. A bit too many strobe lights though.

Anyway, if you get a chance to see this tour, GO! Even if the music isn’t your favorite the stage show is worth it.

I’ve got tix for December! I saw the last tour in September (or was it August?) as well. A really great show, from what I was able to make out (except for Deer Hunter as an opener - ugh).
This’ll be the first voluntary time I won’t be in the pit, as the last two or three times I was I passed out. sigh

Vicious lil’ goblins in there.

I wanted to go into the pit, but I had seat tickets and they wouldn’t let me down there…even though I’m sure I paid more than the standing room tickets.

I forget who opened last night, it was a one word name like “Thrift” or something. Said they were from LA. They were…interesting. Firstly, one Ramones-looking guy just basically jumped and rolled around the whole time. The keyboarders had no stands, they played kneeling on the floor. The singer sang like the guy from Radiohead, but the music was really loud screechy industrial-type music. He also spent half the time kneeling on the floor. It was different anyway.

He (/they) already came by Philly. Bastard hit me in the head with his tambourine!

Really? He flung the water from a water bottle and then the bottle itself into the crowd at last night’s show. Also, it seemed like he was about to do a keyboard thing at the front center of the stage and then pushed the keyboard over off the stage (I think there was a buffer between the stage and crowd) and went back to the bigger keyboard.

Also, Reznor liked knocking his mic stand violently over, there was a stage hand that hung out at the front of the stage to set it back up each time.

I forget which song he did, but yea he flung his tamborine out into the audience. Me and my GF were about 3 people off stage, but everyone had their arms up in the air before he did, so I didn’t have time to react. Got stuck with two guys fighting over it behind me for 15 minutes too, until they broke it!

Saw the show at Red Rocks in September, and was incredibly impressed. Sound, stage show, choices of songs (mixing old and new) - it was all fantastic. Went with two friends who’d never seen NIN before (and didn’t really know too much about them, as both friends are much younger than I am) and they are now both huge fans.

I thought Deerhunter sucked, though.