Nine-Year-Old Boy Fascinated by Toilets!!

For some unfathomable reason, the funny monkeys at the AP thought this was “news”—

lieu, do you have a son you haven’t told us about?


Well, “News of the Wierd” has to get its content from somewhere!!

“bulk flush toilet”

I’m now poking my mind’s eye out with a sharp stick.

I’d say that would be pretty unusual for a person of any age.

I dunno, I think a clear toilet would be kinda cool. Maybe what’s needed are petitions and an organized letter writing campaign…

:rolleyes: Yeah, all we need is another excuse for guys to miss and pee on the floor after a drinking bender.

“I tried to pee in the toilet! I swear! I just couldn’t see the damn thing!”

Besides it would lead to far too much of a water waste what with all the people flushing little things down the toilet to watch them go “woosh” and disappear.

“Watch the handful of grapes go, it’s funny!”

This kid is on to something here.
I’m going to a write a letter to the good folks at Ferrari and ask if they can make a clear car for me, as I am fascinated by them. When they say they can’t but offer me a brand new top of the line car instead, I suppose I’ll accept.

I am reminded of a 7th grade field trip to the local water and sewage treatment plant. I tried to be such a wiseguy–I asked the tour guide if they could give the entire class free samples.

Awwww, that little guy is so cute…

Is anyone else reminded of the Calvin and Hobbes comic where they (Calvin and his tiger) flush a whole roll of toilet paper while laughing hysterically?

I grew up in that area of Wisconsin, and a few of my friends have worked in customer service for Kohler, staffing their hotline. I haven’t heard about any “so we got a request for a clear toilet” calls, but I was told of one man who called in and was asking for a model with a larger seat-to-water-level clearance, as apparently he was being subjected to a cold-water dunk with his current model. :eek: The really amusing part was that at the start of the call, this man expressed his relief at hearing another man’s voice on the line, as he’d been calling in, getting a female representative, and hanging up out of embarrassment. What he didn’t know was that the man on the line was a supervisor who was training one of my (female) friends with that call, and she was on a microphone-less headset listening in.

If ever the kid visits London, he might want to spend a little time here.

Fair enough. How about tinting, like an iMac? It will pretty up the floaties, from the side view, anyway…

Having spent several months working in the lab at a municipal sewage plant, I urge you to bow down and give profound thanks that they did not take you up on this.

Awwwww… I actually got misty reading this story. It’s like that video with the pudgy little glasses-wearing dancing bee girl, who is a lonely misfit until she meets a group of dancing bee people who embrace her weird self. Yay, Kohler! And, you GO, happy little Toilet Boy!!!

That, incidentally would be Blind Melon’s No Rain. My mom always ran to watch that video when it was on because she said it reminded her of me. (Not because I was pudgy or wore a bee outfit, but because I was a misfit for a long time until I got into a special High School). Sorry for the hijack. Please continue with the commode hijinks.

A “bulk flush toilet”? Geez people, he’s just nine years old. He hasn’t been waiting nine years to take a shit.

Definite case of Assburger syndrome…

I think someone’s not tellling the kid the whole truth. Kohler has made at least one clear Bulk Flush Toilet

Even if it’s just something they did for a trade show!