Nintendo 3DS!

Well, this came out of nowhere. The next Nintendo DS will be in 3D, without the need for glasses.

Do you think they’ve finally figured out a 3D that doesn’t cause headaches.

BTW, I loved the screenshot of Virtual Boy Tennis running on an emulator.

Anyone know how the glasses-free 3d tech works? I haven’t been able to find info on it.

Whether or not 3d causes headaches seems to vary wildly from individual to individual. I’ve never had any sort of headaches from any type of 3d.

Two screens, user goes cross eyed? (Ouch, that would be uncomfortable.)

It would have to be some kind of autostereoscopy. Normally the way this works is you have to have your head in a certain position (or one of several positions) relative to the screen in order to see the image properly. This is an issue for TV, but maybe not so much for a handheld.

Seems it’d be easier for a TV, actually. Once you sit down you’re not moving much and neither is the TV. With the handheld you’re constantly moving it around, especially when pressing the buttons and applying pressure to either the left or right side. You’d constantly be changing your viewing angle due to small rotation, same as if you were moving left to right in front of the stationary TV.

I’m sure they’ve figured out (or will figure out) something that works under normal gameplay conditions, though. It would have to be able to move around (at least a little) and maintain the image. Nobody sits perfectly still while playing their DS. I think I’d rather have the polarized glasses, than have to not move.

You’re right about the moving around issue. I was thinking of the fact that the natural position when playing a handheld is directly in front of it, while people watch TV from all angles.

I wonder if they’ve implemented some kind of head tracking to compensate for the problem of the player moving around. I think there’s a DSi game now that does head tracking in software.

I know that. I was referring to the population at large, not a single individual.

I was referring to two things: one of the reason their last 3D console (Virtual Boy) failed was because of a high incidence of headaches, and because autostereoscopy also has a track record of causing a high incidence of headaches (at least according to an uncited claim on Wiki.)

Hmm, I wonder if (one) it will have a mode or something for impaired people, and (two) if perhaps they’ll solve the shifting viewpoint problem with accelerometers (you tilt the 3DS and it shift the projection to compensate). Lord knows they’ve had enough practice with those by now.

I just wonder when the next Mario title is coming out and if it will be any good!