Nintendo and the West coast port strikes

I think Nintendo is lying about this. Nintendo President: Port Strikes Have Caused Amiibo and New 3DS XL Shortages - IGN
If this was the case, wouldn’t there also be shortages of other products not by Nintendo? It’s not like these are Nintendo’s private ports, ships carrying all kinds of goods go in and out of them (or are supposed to be)

Reuters - Honda to cut North America output by another 5,000 cars amid port delays.

This has been all over the news for weeks. Food is spoiling. Imports for folks in the US celebrating Chinese New Year never made it here. Cargo is being diverted to Canada, Mexico, and eastern US ports.

But I saw a WSJ headline this morning that a deal was reached. I haven’t read the article yet.

My employer relies heavily on stuff that is imported by ship. Currently only 2 out of every 3 planes is rolling out of the factory without seats installed, they are sitting on ships waiting to be offloaded. Starting Monday, we will not have any lavatories built by a company in Japan. This is just the 737 factory. As of last Friday, 3 airplanes are sitting at the 737 delivery center and will delivered late due to shortages. Other Boeing factories that build bigger airplanes are having even more issues.

Not lies, real life.

This port nonsense has been a headache for our logistics people for about a year and now the shit is finally hitting the fan. Even if a deal has been reached it will take a significant amount of time to get back to normal.

Oh for sure. Even with Lázaro Cárdenas, Vancouver, Fraser River, and the canals continuing to pick up slack.
And then we’ll have a repeat in a few years when this contract is up, just like we have in the past. Except next time the Panama expansion will be complete, and maybe some norther routes will be open in the summer. We’ll see how that affects bargaining power.