Nintendo DS Homebrew has blown my mind.

I recently purchased a Flash card for my Nintendo DS. I wanted to check out what the modding community has done on the DS. Homebrew browsers, Linux, media players, emulators and all the other fun stuff I’d heard about.

And then my eye was caught by SylphAMP.

Basically, it’s a WinAMP plugin that streams music to the DS.

It pretty much makes your DS work as a set of remote speakers over your local wifi. Unfortunately, the controls are limited to play/pause and song forward/back (though it does display your playlist, so you can see what’s coming/what was just on.

It even works with Shoutcast internet radio. In combination with other plugins, I can make it stream all the sound from my computer, so it works as portable speakers for the whole computer. So now as long as I have wifi, I have radio.

Ok… This is sounding like an ad. I have no connection with SylphAMP (it’s free anyway) but I thought this was wicked awesome, and wanted to share.