Nintendo Power - Issue 31, Page 35

So I’m partaking in a sort of “game” on another message board. And apparently the answer is found on Page 35, Issue 31 of Nintendo Power.

Anybody mind telling me what’s on this page?

ahhh damn i knew there was a reason i kept those…Can’t seem to find them now though

Found it.

The page is a Counselors Corner page. In case you’re unfamiliar with the mag it’s a section where they offer specific advice one problem in one or 2 games.

The first one is Pilotwings “How do i reach the rescue mission”

The other one is Startropics “What is the code to reach chapter 5”
(747 MHZ)

Below that it gives you the profiles of 4 of the nintendo game counselors.

If you need more specific info let me know.