Nintendo WII - Opinions Wanted

I rarely play video games (to me, it’s too easy to get addicted to them and waste alot of time) but I’m actually interested in buying the Nintendo WII.

The reason is that it seems that you can actually exercise while playing videos game, thus giving it valid time-wasting (to me, at least).

I’ve read mixed reviews on various WII games, though.

For anyone who has played games on it, I was wondering:
– Do you get some decent aerobic exercise from it? If so, which games?
– Any exercise value to Call of Duty 3?
– What about the entertainment value of Call of Duty?
– What about the virtual aspect and the unique controller, does that work well?


Well, considering it takes a lot less effort to flick a seven-ounce controller with your wrist than to swing a baseball bat, I’m a bit dubious of any “exercise” aspect of the Wii. That said, it’s much easier to use while standing, and that’s not nothin’. I was surprised at how well the controller worked. When I played Wii Sports, I remember thinking that they would be good beta-level games, until my friend informed me that that’s essentially what they are; demos. I haven’t played video games since the SNES days, but I’m looking forward to getting a Wii.

Boxing is a good arm work-out. Baseball is fun, but barelt exercise. Still, its more work than the thumb fiddling/twiddling that some gamesystems provide.

I was thinking the same as the OP. This might be a good incentive to work out. Shadowing boxing is good aeorbic exercise, and isn’t there a boxing game?

Try finding one now for under $600.00. My son wants one and I had to tell him he’s not getting it for Christmas. We hope they become more available after the holidays. The believe the regular list price is $249.00.

I’ve played Wii Sports and MonkeyBall. MonkeyBall is hard to play sprawled on the sofa… you’ve got to be in more of an active sitting position to play. Wii Sports is easier to play while standing up, and the ‘boxing’ game got me tired out after a few rounds.

I wouldn’t really count it as part of a workout though. If I bought one myself, it would be because it’s a very novice-friendly system that even my parents (who never touched any system from the 8-bit Nintendo up) will pick up a controller and play.

If you’re looking for exercise, just get a nice cheap (somewhat) PS2 and buy a couple DDR games with the pad, maybe a bit of imported ParaPara with the controllers. DDR is nice because it tracks how many calories you burn and have a graph and everything. Plus it’s fun :stuck_out_tongue: