Nipped in the bud - Don Knotts died

“Here at the rock, we have two rules. Rule number one: obey all rules.” :smiley:

I vaguely remember hearing John Waters say that he and Steve Buscemi both dreamed of starring in a Don Knotts biopic one day. I’m sure they’re both sorry to hear about his passing.

Wow. Just–wow. Not since Princess Di was killed has the death of a celeb actually made me cry. My sister and I were just talking this afternoon about how funny he was and how he was really the one who made The Andy Griffith Show what it was–and how it was never the same when he left it.

I loved him in No Time For Sergeants and Private Eyes as well as some of the stuff already mentioned here.

So long, Barney. There’s no joy in Mayberry tonight.

Atta boy, Luther!

Thank you Mr. Chicken and Theodore Ogilvie for teaching me true funny.

You don’t suppose it was one of Aunt Bee’s kerosene cucumbers that got him in the end do you?

I guess his coca-murdering days are over. :frowning:

Loved his acting, and grew up watching him. Sorry t’ see you leave us, Mr. Knotts. :frowning:

Well, if 25 is considered a few, that is. :slight_smile:

Darrin McGavin, who played the father in “A Christmas Story” also died today.

I just bought the DVD for Mr. Limpet the other day. God bless him!

He was great in “The Ghost and Mister Chicken”.

Let me clarify that.

Rest in Peace Don.

(… and they used Bon Ami™ )

Could that have been one of the first “product placement” mentions in a motion picture?

There will never be another Don Knotts, and if there will ever be a film based on his life, I have no idea who could be cast. The role belongs to him, just as every role John Wayne ever played belonged to him.

I predict it won’t be long before his movie dialogues will be quoted just as often as those of Monty Python’s.

“Whole body’s a weapon.”



My maternal grandfather, back when he was living, didn’t watch a lot of TV beyond sports, news and Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom. But he said two things about TV I’ve never forgotten: that The Tonight Show was better back when Jack Paar hosted instead of Johnny Carson, and that Don Knotts was an incredible comedian. I didn’t get a glimmer of understanding either statement why until I was in my thirties.

Bye, Don.