Nissan Patrol comes to the US

YES! Nissan finally ditched the ungainly Armada and re-badged the Nissan Patrol as the new Armada. The UN uses the Patrol as one of it’s primary vehicles.

I drive an 06 Pathfinder and like it quite a bit. The new Pathfinder is going the way of many SUV’s and turned into a crossover. Basically an Outback. Now, I like the Outback (in fact my Wife is ordering one for herself today) but it’s not for me.

I’ll be buying a new car in about 3 years, and have been wondering just what the heck would work for me. This looks perfect.

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Oh Yay! I have an '06 Pathfinder too (off road edition) and don’t fancy replacing it with the wussified Pathfinders they are making now. I will have to look into the new Armada in a few years as well. Thanks for the info.

Unfortunately, it looks like the situation is more that the Patrol is going to be based on the Armada instead of the other way around. In the most recent iteration, the Patrol switched from off-road workhorse to more on-road oriented luxury SUV, although Nissan still sells the previous version in some markets. It looks like that’s going to continue with the next generation with the Patrol (and Infiniti QX here) being basically upscale Armadas. Boo.

Boo is right!

What I see and read is that sure it’s not going to be a utility box. Plenty of refinement. But structurally based on the Patrol. Body on frame, and I read 9.1 inches of ground clearance. Not too bad. Got my fingers crossed