Nissan Rogue door lock issue

I when I lock the doors the big rear door does not lock. Seems to me that’s a bug but maybe not.

Are you sure it isn’t keyless and is unlocking at the time you open it? That’s how it works on my hatchback.

I have a key fob but I don’t touch it and the door opens up anyway.

Is it a new (to you) vehicle? Still under warranty?
What will it do if you lock doors via the fob?
Did it do this before or is it some new behavior?
By your second comment, does it have a proximity fob that unlocks the doors when the fob is close enough? You might need to lock it then leave the fob inside or on the ground x feet away to test.
Can you lock it at all & then does it unlock when the other doors do? If it won’t do either, I’m thinking a broken lock/circuit.

It sounds like you have a rogue lock. rimshot

But seriously…

You didn’t say how new your Rogue is, but many newer cars have proximity keys. You don’t need to touch the fob; the car senses that the key is nearby and automatically unlocks (and locks when it senses the key is gone).

I watch a lot of You Tube videos from auto repair shops. Eric at South Main Auto Repair had a vehicle with the same issues as yours, he found a broken wire under the rear floor of the vehicle. A wire was pinched to the point of breaking due to a crappy installation job. He found the problem when he climbed into the back and his weight pushed the broken wire into some metal giving him a ground. You need a mechanic with good electrical troubleshooting skills. As something that spent years troubleshooting electrical problems on commercial aircraft, finding the problem should be rather easy.

Seconding this. I have a Toyota RAV4 that lets me open the locked rear hatch door while the key is still in my pocket. Lock the doors, then make sure your keyfob is a good twenty feet away from the vehicle and see if you can still open it.

The new Rogue has some sort of motion detector that opens the rear hatch. Helps when your arms are full.