Nitrous type head rush

Is there a medical term for this experience?

I used to get it when I was really drunk and then, as a non-smoker, smoked a cigarette.

It’s when you lose it and your mind goes into an echoey vibratory state, for a few seconds, usually associated with nitrous oxide, whippets.



Euphoria, would be my WAG.

Nitrous oxide is a dissociative drug; it sounds like you were experiencing dissociation.

Hypoxia involves inadequate levels of oxygen. Unlike asphyxiant gases (e.g. nitrogen or CO2) which achieve their effect by lowering blood oxygen levels, nitrous oxide has an anesthetic effect even when oxygen is present in adequate amounts.

Believe me when I say that getting a buzz from cigarette smoke isn’t remotely close to a buzz from a hit of pure nitrous oxide.

I think of a buzz as being a steady state. What I’m talking about is a specific event. It’s like a vibration going on in your mind and body over a few seconds, and speeding up, like a coin spinning down to flat. They are all the same kind of experience to me, but I stopped even thinking about using nitrous decades ago. It’s a rush, but I’m curious if it has a medical definition.

Are we really talking nitrous, or more like amyl/butyl nitrite? The latter are known for their ‘head rush’ effects, mainly based on dropping the cerebral blood pressure.

Of course, whippets don’t contain nitrites

I think it might be a dissociative event. I can remember back in college watching a friend do a big nitrous hit and seeing what it looked like from the outside and thinking I don’t want that anymore.

Latterly it has happened when I have been really drunk, and possibly stoned and had an odd cig.

I’m surprised that no one has said they share this specific thing.

It’s like having the “spins” maybe. You’re out of it and it has a short orgasmic effect almost, that has a rhythm to it, then it’s over.