Nixon's Enemies List. Where?

The late & largely unlamented Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon famously kept a written list of politicians, journalists & celebrities he regarded as his enemies.

To be on it was later regarded as a badge of honor.

Where can I find an online copy of this list?

here’s one:

Cannot access at work. :frowning:

Who do you work for, the RNC?

Most of this is historical only, but Conyers and Kennedy are still fighting the good fight. I actually hadn’t realized Conyers was already prominent that long ago.

Actress Carol Channing is on the enemies list. That’s just bizarre.

Hopefully your work won’t block Wikipedia

Daniel Schorr is still commentating for NPR; and Ron Dellums is (I believe) a candidate to be the next mayor of Oakland (where Jerry Brown is the incumbent).

Daniel Schorr, in fact, hadn’t read the “enemies list” prior to reading off the names to a live TV audience.

So many people think that the “dirty tricks” people were all scattered after Watergate when in fact the majority of them were never caught and continued to do their “job”.

Hence, Jane and Babs are still major targets.

The Enemies List never went away, it just keeps getting updated.

Hmmm…Bill Cosbt made the list.
I wonder why.

I mean “Bill Cosby”.

I’d like some more info on this one, too.

Yeah. Nixon was out of office by the time Leonard Part 6 was released.

Ba-dum bum.

She was a very strong Humphrey supporter in '68, and had been a prominent showbiz supporter of LBJ before that.

Two other priceless items: John Conyers’ ‘known weakness for white females’; and the fact that ‘Black congressmen’ are listed separately from ‘Members of the House’.