NK Missile Warhead Found in Alaska...hmm javascript:smilie(':dubious:')

Can anyone else find sources that collaborate with this story?



But the paper is listed on Google Directory. That doesn’t give it completely legitimacy per se, but it does indicate that it is some kind of valid publication.

The report references National Assembly. Perhaps some Hangul-reading Dopers could read local sources and confirm.

Let’s try this again…

times.hankooki.com/lpage/nation/200303/kt2003030417272311970.htm :dubious:

I can only figure 1) It’s the absolute truth, and nobody wants to admit it. 2) It’s sweeps week for South Korean papers trying to increase their international subscriptions, or 3) It’s been a long winter in Alaska, and a bunch of drunken frat boys took a garbage can and spray painted it with DPRK and a red star and left it near a cabin of an old, alcoholic John Bircher.

A skeptical article here.

I was looking for the story myself last night somewhere besides the Korea Times, and I couldn’t find it either.

IMO, it’s just more face-saving posturing on the part of the North Korean administration for the benefit of their constituency. “See, not only do we so have nukes, but also one of our warheads made it all the way to Alaska, so we could nuke the Yanks if we really wanted to!”

If you think about it, the story doesn’t make sense, anyway. Are there usually recoverable pieces left over when a missile hits the ground? And how was it found? The article gives exactly zero details. Did the committee just go up there and walk around and look for debris?

Propaganda, that’s all it is.

I’m skeptical too, but just the same, the concept that North Korea may be able to launch nuclear weapons at us, and in anger, makes me frightened.

After all, I live on the west coast! The Bay area would probably be the first to go…they wouldn’t nuke San Jose would they??? Nothing here but aerospace manufacturing and computer processors. On the other hand, :eek: !

I think you misread the article. The report is about S Korea’s officials commenting, not N Korea.

When I found it on the Yahoo! news, last night, it got my attention pretty fast. Alas, like the teaser they broadcast for the 11 o’ clock news years ago:

“UFO crash in New Mexico? Story at 11.”
(Hmm… how come it wasn’t the lead story? Well, I better tune in to find out.)

When you read the article, you realize it’s pretty sloppy reporting. There’s nothing specific, other than “officials” know about it.

(Gosh the news is almost over. Arn’t they going to talk about this? Wait a second–here it is!)

“And tonight’s closing story… Did a UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico in 1948? The government says no, but some say the government is covering up the truth. Stay tune to this station as we will pass on the latest information on this breaking story (It was 1973! and the story had already been floating around at least three years). We’ll be back in a minute . . . two commercials . . . From all of us at KGO, have a good night!”

. . . and you feel stupid and guilty for putting up with this…

I felt the same way with the newspaper account, but I figured just like the Roswell account, there’s probably more to this story (eventually there was, but it would take another 20 years).


So, the idea that somebody might launch a nuke at us out of fellowship and goodwill wouldn’t frighten you? :dubious:

Watch out, **Watchout, WATCHOUT ! **, It’s Da LOVE BOMB !