No 2010 Calendar?

Okay, back when I joined this Board I complained that, with all the themed calendars out there, no one had thought to produce a Space: 1999 calendar for 1999, or a Deathrace 2000 calendar for 2000. I could understands those, but it was unthinkable that something as iconic as Kubrick and Clarke’s film wouldn’t be used for a 2001: A Space Odyssey wouldn’t be used for a 2001 calendar. I said that they’d better get on the ball for 2010 and put out a 2010: The Year we Make Contact calendar for 2010. After all, they had nine years from that point.

Well, they didn’t do it. I haven’t seen any. Using search engines, I find the title 2010: The Year we Make Contact attached to some porno calendars (!)

Maybe they’re just too embarrassed because, not only haven’t we made contact, we don’t even have a space ship launched to Jupiter. Or even a moonbase.

And, after bypassing all this optimistic SF*, they manage to put out a 2012 calendar based on the current movie, I’m going to be really pissed.

*I mean 2001 and 2010. Don’t give me grief.

I can’t wait to see whether the Mayans put out a 2013 calendar.

Yeah, it’ll be blank. :slight_smile:

I think it’s a safe bet that Sci Fi has failed us. We don’t have the BTTF Hilldale, the Jetson’s buildings, flying nuclear powered Corvega cars, power armor, plasma rifles in the 40 watt range or light sabers.

On the plus side, we haven’t had any robot uprisings lately.

Yeah, but I wouldn’t mind pictures of those things, placed over numbered grids corresponding to the days of approximately every lunar cycle. It’s a novel concept, apparently.

Don’t remind me.

Kubrick had nothing to do with the movie 2010.

And this comment is relevant how?
No one here said he did.

And he certainly didn’t have anything to do with either a 2001 or a 2010 calendar.

Because it sounded to me like the OP was saying that Kubrick would have some responsibility for producing a 2010 calendar. If the OP wasn’t saying that, ignore my comment.

That was the generic “they” – the “they” that do things behind the scenes. I wasn’t referring to Kubrick and Clarke.

Maybe you could make one, if you have the DVD print out 12 screen captures.