No Blacks Or Jews - But You're a White Gentile

Reports that Bill Clinton has no problem with this got me to thinking about the morality of partaking of private accomodations that discriminate. As I see it, there are three possible issues:

  1. If you golf at a No Jews or Blacks establishment, are you yourself discriminating by that very act? I would say no.

  2. Are you lending support for the club in it’s practices? I would think that this would depend on whether the club’s exclusionary practices have become an issue or not.

  3. Is there anything wrong with a private person (or club) chosing to discriminate in his associations? This is apparently allowed by the constitution, but may be morally repugnant. Or maybe not. If we agree on Issue 1 that you are not yourself discriminating, and the only issue is 2 - the fact that you are supporting the bigots, then if there is no moral issue in private bigotry, you’re on safe ground.

(This leaves aside issues that primarily affect politicians - I’m wondering more about a private citizen).


I agree.


While I disagree with “waiting until it’s an issue”. I don’t think attending an event there is the same as condoning their policies. My view of the actual members are of course not so forgiving. A view I hold in regards to the periodic Bob Jones flap, fwiw.

As a private citenzen or club, you have the right according to the constitution and various appelate rulings to discrimate as you see fit. I agree it’s repugnant (the discrimanation not the rulings and constitution).

“2. Are you lending support for the club in it’s practices?”
Absolutely. And because of that, by supporting a discriminatory institution, you are practicing discrimination. That’s how it works, folks.

Is it legal for a private club to discriminate? I guess so, but the Indian Creek club in the link received tax revenues, so it may be illegal in this case.


I’d say maybe.


Yes you’re lending support. The very fact that you’re there shows that you don’t think it is wrong, it doesn’t matter, and that it is ok.


Yes it is wrong for any organization to discriminate based on irrational reasons. If me and my buddies want to form a golfing club then it would be irrational to exclude jewish, hispanic, or asian golfers.

Nobody here would accuse me of being the nicest person in the world. But I’d never join an organization if I knew they discriminated for irrational reasons as a matter of policy.

  1. Since the club does have Jewish members, and there are no blacks (AFAIK) who live in that area- it would seem that the club does not discriminate (or no longer does so). The NY Post is not exactly the greatest source in the world, you know.

  2. Simply playing a round of golf at a club that does discriminate is not so very wrong- actually belonging to it- is. In the first case it would depend on how “clear & present” the discriminatory practices are. Playing a round at a club owned by the KKK would be right out, eg.

It’s called “tokenism.”

in Florida??

As my dear Margie would say, “I’m not sure I agree with you a hundred percent on your police work, there, Lou.”

If you happen to go to an establishment that discriminates, that is not discrimination. But if you seek out clubs that discriminate, then you are choosing to avoid certain types of people, which is discrimination. In both cases, you are supporting the club if you give it any money. Or are you asking whether you are supporting the club’s practices? If that is the question, then the answer is “only in the second case”. As for the morality of discrimination: seeking to deprive people of a benefit out of malice is definitely immoral.

Do you know Jews and blacks are not allowed? This is fine by you? It isn’t, but it really doesn’t pertain to you since you are neither a Jew or black so why should the fact that the club discriminates?

Of course you are. Are you paying for your round? Does this not support the club and it’s practices?

What is your reason for discriminating?


By extension, if I buy a product from company X, therefore increasing the wealth of Boardmember Y, and he donates money to Morally Questionable Cause Z, am I in fact supporting Cause Z? I think not, unless the reason I chose that product was because Boardmember Y is a supporter of Cause Z.

If you golf at a club that discriminates BECAUSE it discriminates, then you are supporting them, but only then. Otherwise, where does it stop? I’d bet my bottom dollar that I am, through a few degrees of separation, providing funds to anti-choice organizations, pro-gun control organizations, and probably even a few racist ones, despite the fact all of those conflict with my beliefs. The world’s too complicated for guilt by association.

Well, the NY Post did specifically mention the number of Jews in a small, very weathly “island” community, and did not mention any blacks- so it seemed like it was quite possible there WERE no blacks in that small community. And- since SOME Jews were members, but others not- could it not be that they just did not want to play golf? Is there evidence that community members who were Jewish were denied membership- recently? I have no doubt that the club WAS discriminatory- but does that mean it still is? I mean we are talking about the NY POST, not the NY Times, you know.