No Christmas Music yet?!

For the past 5 or more years, some stations (the hack ones you hear in waiting rooms) started playing Christmas music on about the first of November.

Here it is the 10th, and I can’t say I’ve heard a single Christmas song (not complaining at all!).

Has anyone else noticed this? Do I just need to get out more? Maybe listen to the radio more?

I said I wasn’t complaining, but a tiny, tiny, little portion of me kinda misses that horrendous “music”. I’m sure in a few weeks I’ll get more than my fill, though.

Ugh. Our local Wal*Mart in north Dallas, Texas, started playing it on November 1. It made me almost want to run screaming from the store. Seriously, what’s wrong with after Thanksgiving? I mean, five weeks should definitely be enough time of Christmas music. Sorry.

I believe you mean “holiday” music. :smiley:

First a 15¢ tax on Christmas trees and now this scrubbing the airwaves of “Christmas Wrapping”?

The war on Jesus’ Birthday has begun!

My wife has been listening to Christmas music for a goddamn month already! I will have a firey hatred for Bing Crosby, the Andrew sisters and every single contemporary country music ‘artist’ by the time Dec. 25 rolls around.


Gaa. Kill me now.

Anyway, to the OP: the only radio station I know of locally that plays Xmas music is Kool 99.1 in Eugene, OR. They haven’t started yet, thank god. If you’re feeling nostalgic I’m sure Pandora can oblige you.

Edit: I was gonna check Pandora for you, but I just can’t do it. I can’t stand the thought of that noise, at least not for a few more weeks. Forgive me.

Find a copy of Lou Rawls’ version of “Little Drummer Boy” and play it for her repeatedly. That should cure her of her addiction; however, it might also be considered domestic abuse.

I was in the optical store yesterday and they were playing Meat Loaf’s “Paradise by the Dashboard Lights,” so at least the smaller retailers here have not yet succumbed to the holiday spirit.

That’s the *only thing that makes you want to run screaming from a WalMart?

One of the few stations I listen to locally has started, so they’re off my dial until the end of December. :mad:

Around here the all-Christmas stations start the day after Thanksgiving. I have to say I have started listening to some music in the car. I’m still relaxed and the holiday panic hasn’t set in yet, so I am enjoying it.

Nah. But I consider myself part of the problem and there’s just no getting away from that bitch.


There’s a radio station around here that started 24hour Christmas music before Halloween. Terrible. Seriously, that means they’re playing Christmas music for 1/6 of the year! A holiday is supposed to be a break from the normal humdrum of daily life. Somewhere along the line, Christmas became the normal humdrum of daily life. We need a holiday from the holiday.

I heartily endorse this idea. A “no Christmas at Christmas” holiday.

Sorta like a couple who gives up sex a few weeks before the wedding. Good to actually have something to look forward to.

I heard “Jingle Bells” playing several times in Shenzhen in late October.

There are two St. Louis radio stations that have been playing all Christmas music for at least a week. I suspect they’re planning format changes (again).

One of them has some rather crap song called “Christmas in Dixie” in high rotation, so I think it’s going country. The other station is the one that plays the Delilah show; I’m not sure if that has gone Christmas, too.

The worst thing is that they’re not playing any of the good Christmas music – haven’t heard Josh Groban once (he’s too treacly with his own stuff, but ethereal on Christmas music). However, “Santa Baby” is on high rotation. And someone needs to get a clue that “Last Christmas” by Wham! isn’t a Christmas song.

Umm…you do realize that was a surcharge (not a tax) requested by the Holiday Tree Sellers Industry to help raise funds for promoting the Holiday Tree Sellers Industry, right?

Actually, biblical scholars calculate that his actual birthday must have occurred in the middle of summer. Furthermore, both historians and anthropologists of the subject understand that the war was by Jesus’ zealous proseletyzers upon the native traditions that they believed were connected to mythologies that the proseletyzers summarily deemed “evil” in order to wipe them out. After failing to destroy the long-standing Winter Solstice celebrations that were already considered traditional by pagans living in the areas being targeted by religious imperialists, repositioning the Nativity to Dec 25th was a way to co-opt the extant practices in support of the usurper.

And still the traditional practices live on – trees, holly and holly-berries, mistletoe, roasted chestnuts, etcetera – and have nothing to do with the messianic symbology.


And they fill his churches with their pride and gold
As their faith in him increases
But they’ve turned the nature that I worship in
“From a temple to a robber’s den”
In the words of the rebel Jesus
. --Jackson Browne
. The Rebel Jesus
. from The Next Voice You Hear

She’s A Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas turned up on shuffle on my iPod and I didn’t run to change it. Christmas must be coming soon.

Caveat emptor. Caveat maxime emptor:

Caveat emptor. Caveat maxime emptor:

There’s two radio stations here that go all Christmas all the time, but neither of them have started yet. Last year they both started in early November, I remember griping about it. I wonder if they got some complaints and decided to hold off this year? I can only hope.

I love Christmas music, but not the crap that these stations play in constant rotation. Where’s the Josh Groban, Michael Crawford, Oak Ridge Boys (you heard me right)? No, we get “The Christmas Shoes” and “Happy Xmas (War is Over)” and “Jingle Bell Rock” over and over and over and over…