No, cockheads, that isn't racist

So I’m sat at the station waiting for a train that’s been delayed for an hour or so. I finished my book (Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch - very good read) ages ago, so I’m flicking through the pile of newspapers that have been left behind.

I begrudgingly pick up a copy of The Sun and flick through to the editorial. They are discussing John Townend, who has claimed that
immigrants were undermining the UK’s


While he is entitle to his opinion etc etc. The Sun felt that he was wrong, and have attacked him for it. I have no problem with that either.

But the thing that really got me was when Townend had said that people were out to “blacken [his] name”.

The Sun claimed that blackening his name was a racist statement. Fuck off. Figure of speech, you anus warts. What are those birds in your garden that are black called? Blackbirds. Is that freaking racist now? Go fuck your sister until your face turns blue and your balls fall off.

You obviously know that it was not intended to be racist, so don’t come all fuckin’ sympathetic and make him out to be worse than he is. Nobody can stand racism, but don’t try and blacken his name worse than he has done already. If the dozy twat is suffering from foot-in-mouth disease, then he’ll fuck himself over in time. Just keep your dirty bollock hairs out of it.

Ahhh I feel better

You must have been the black sheep in the family.

Truly a dark day…

Well, aren’t you in a black mood?

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

This is yet another example of Politicial Correctness gone bad. But didn’t you know The Sun was going to piss you off with something?

lighten up
cheap shot

Keep that up and I’ll give you a black eye.

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Oh yeah? Come over right now! I dare ya! You yellow-bellied coward!

It’s comments like that that leave me seeing red, Kayeby

Did you purchase that rant on the black market?
:slight_smile: Sorry. Not very good I know but I couldn’t resist.

Reminds me of the time The Sun ran a story about some rascist guy who had uttered the phrase (this is exactly how they printed it) “Fing niggers". The Guardian, my newspaper of choice, suggested that if they were really sincere in their desire to avoid offence then "Fucking ners”** would have been more appropriate.
Note to non-UK dopers - The Sun is only a modest step above The National Enquirer in terms of journalistic integrity.
Still, don’t go into a brown study over it.

Let fly, everyone! We don’t need to be niggardly with our scorn.

The Sun… Let me get this straight. This is Rupert Murdoch’s Sun, the one with the infamous Page Three, right?

So they print the unedited rantings of a man who probably has a shrine to Enoch Powell in his bedroom next to the autographed copy of Mein Kampf, and then attack him as a racist over a figure of speech?!

These people are beyond confused. Of course, I’m actually surprised to see the Sun attacking someone over racism in the first place, but that’s a horse of a different color. Like Black Beauty, for instance.

This is indeed a black day for journalism :frowning:

With such purple prose as my guide, I too shall try to find words to show my disdain for the yellow press of England.

I thought most papers were simply to to stir up trouble? I mean, if it gets them readers, so what?

Man, you guys are good. I’m green with envy.

And articles like the one referenced in the OP make me want to curse a blue streak.

Fiver, you realize, I hope, that the word “niggardly” has no connections whatsoever with the infamous so-called “n-word,” don’t you?

I’d love to post a pithy reply, but I’m too yellow.

(But you gotta love the Sun’s page 3 girls. Only reason to open this rag)

I think that was his point Monty. Since niggardly means miserly I think:D

Mighty white of you to defend Townend…
or are you just brown-nosing?

sorry,sorry, I couldn’t help it, all the colors, the colors!!!

Next thing ya know, the Rainbow Coalition gets involved, and then everybody’s REALLY confused…