No-contact / anti-harassment / restraining orders : differences, and your experiences

Hi, I wasn’t sure whether to make it a GQ or a IMHO because it’s a combination of the two. I’ll play on the safe side.

GQ: Is there a difference between a no-contact order and an anti-harassment order and a restraining order? Just curious.

IMHO: my parents claim that these orders do not help a lot and that people continue with their stalking/harassing habits and the police do nothing about it. In your experience, is this accurate? How far does breaking the order have to go before it goes to the point of being arrested?

The legalities are going to depend on the laws of your juristiction, as will the enforcement of such an order. You might want to talk to someone at a local women’s centre or whatever version of victim’s services is in your area. They will have a lot of direct experience in what is available in your area.