No contest plea, reinstate prescription flagged by DEA

My mother was basically used as a scapegoat for a thief that had ripped off a sweepstakes business in NC. She treated this young man like a son. Well they had him wired and he used her to get out of his charges. Mind you she’s 61 years old and has been on medication for 20 years. She GAVE him (not sold him) 4 of her pain medications for his mother (which was a violation of her pain management agreement with her physician). At any rate, we’ve just been told that she will be offered a plea bargain of 18 months probation rather than face jail time and she can plead “no contest”. My understanding is that “no contest” isn’t necessarily an admittance of guilt. Now that being said and if she agrees to accept this, what rights does she now have to get her medication restored and for the DEA not to continue to flag her Medicare. She’s been on her meds for over 20 years and is seriously disabled and suffers from debilitating pain. I may not be on the right site, but I’m certainly looking for feedback, advice or even a kick in the right direction. Can anyone help me?

Very truly yours,

S. Renee Lee

Get an attorney. I know you probably know that already, but that’s the standard answer around here for any requests for legal help. Maybe some of the lawyers-in-residence on the board can offer more substantive help.

By the way, questions like this wouldn’t go in this forum anyway. If you have a factual question, ask it in General Questions. If you’d like informed opinions, ask your question in In My Humble Opinion.

I see you’re new. Welcome to the board, by the way. :slight_smile:

What he said. Best of luck to you and your family, but you’ll be wanting to talk to a lawyer, not ask strangers on the internet (brilliant and handsome though they may be).