No Death Penalty For Child Killers?

According to this ARTICLE “most child killers are exempt from the death penalty”, why is that?

Because in Maryland most convicted murderers are ineligible for the death penalty, as the article implied. Why that is, I can’t say.

The Supreme Court ruled in Roper vs. Simmons a couple years ago that executing a person who committed a crime as a minor was unconstitutionally cruel and unusual.

I believe the article refers to killers of children, not children who are killers.

I don’t know the ins and outs of Maryland laws but in all the states I know about there have to be mitigating factors which raise it to the level of capital murder. For instance it has to be commited during the commision of a crime such as kidnapping or robbery. It sounds like Maryland’s laws are quite strict already.

OK, the way I parsed it from context, it’s not that child-killing is exempted, but it’s that most child-killing convicts, in their individual circumstances, fall into some exempted category, or what the prosecution is able to prove *fails to meet all conditions for a capital sentence *, under the laws as they are in effect. And the implication in other parts of the text is that this is because many people may favor the notion of capital punishment, only if you can guarantee that you won’t whack the wrong guy.

The use of the phrase, as Captain Carrot mentions, is a way for the speaker to call attention to that, in the jurisdiction in question, most murderers of all types do NOT get the Death Penalty because of all those guarantees, and he rhetorically shakes up the audience by reminding them there is no special consideration for emotion-heavy crimes. The point, as I read it, is *“you say you want capital punishment to exist, but you support rules that make it nearly impossible to apply right; you might as well abolish.” *

To expand on what JRDelirious said, here’s a list of The 10 aggravating circumstances under Maryland death penalty law:

If more than half of child murder victims aren’t abducted and/or raped, then it’s probably true that most child killers aren’t eligible for the death penalty. That’s a bit different from the implication of the quote in the article – that child killers have a special exemption from the death penalty.