Dear Cecil,

I know this thread is a decade old, but with daily threats of the coming police state, I’d like to put it back on the table.

I read both of your replies and they were very informative, (especially enjoyed the “charming story” about big gov. and traumatized chickens).

You stated that the courts ruling is that we have air rights only insofar as they’re “essential to the use and enjoyment of your land”. I feel very strongly that drones flying over my home and property would most definitely interfere with the enjoyment of my land. I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling this way. How then should I go about posting a no-drone-fly-zone?

You carry on an old American tradition.

You sue.

Hurt feelings are unlikely to cut much mustard here. If operation of aircraft had to take note of the feelings of the owners of all property beneath a flight path, it would become impossible.

There may be a useful analogy with traffic on the road past someone’s house. It’s easy to imagine a homeowner who would feel better if trucks over a certain size weren’t allowed to pass, or photography of his house was prohibited - but such rules would be both difficult to enforce and unreasonably restrictive on others. OTOH, a homeowner plausibly should be able to object to having his house illuminated with laser light.

So your chances of prevailing over drone flight probably hinge on your ability to cite specific damage that this is causing you.

If there’s something you don’t want them to see, I’d be more worried about disconnecting your web cam.

Do you feel the same about satellites? Ever looked at Google Earth and looked up your house?

I ask this in all seriousness, what threats? Please be specific.

Mount a couple of those motion-sensor paintball guns up on your roof. Also solves that pesky pigeon problem.

Nah. That would run afoul of various hunting laws- and if he should kill an endangered animal the feds will really be after him.

The way I see it, the answer is to make the drones useless. What he needs to do is build a UV, infrared proof faraday cage over his entire property. I suggest a geodesic dome as they become stronger the bigger they are and are so very cool.

Pictures that show your house on google earth were taken by airplanes not satellites.

Go big, or go home. Underground bunker! :cool:

And that makes it even more relevant. Drones are airplanes. Blocking a type of airplane from flying over your house because of your personal political opinions is not likely to be a successful endeavor.

Lots of people have negative opinions about one airline or another, but you can’t declare the sky over your house a Delta-free or United-free zone.

Nah. Go big or go DOME!

400’ tall spite fence.

Made of badgers.

specifically >>

Again, could you be more specific?

I read the article. It did not answer my question.

Hardly. Some of the highest-resolution imagery may have been, but houses are perfectly visible on the 2.5-m satellite images.
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