No End In Sight -- Documentary On What Went Wrong In Iraq

I haven’t seen it yet but it looks interesting. (Note link contains video and sound.)

The clips I’ve seen on the web are pretty damning.

Just heard the director discussing it (briefly) on NPR… His main point was that the entire war and occupation was essentially managed by no more than six people, who didn’t even communicate with each other that well.


Who needs data, information, and policy analysis when this is how foreign policy is decided?

Well he is the decider. Why should he listen to other opinions?

I watched the trailer for this on YouTube and it looks brilliant. I hope it plays somewhere near here (I heard it was going out in limited release).

It’s scheduled to open in DC & NY on Friday, LA the week after that, and then some more major markets on 8/10: SF, Chicago, Philly, Seattle, Minneapolis, Portland (OR).

After that, it looks like it’s just scheduled for some specialty cinemas (Cambridge, Austin, Boulder, etc.). The website in the OP has a full listing and calendar.