No- fault insurance coverage and moving to another state

Three years ago, I broke my leg in a bike vs car accident. Here in Michigan, because of the no-fault insurance laws, the other driver’s policy covered all of my expenses, and will continue to do so. What happens if I move out of Michigan? As a pre-existing condition, I worry that any future health insurance I might have won’t cover it.

If I understand your question correctly, you’re overthinking it.

His insurer has already agreed to fund your recovery (to the available limits of the policy). Where you live/treat has no bearing on that decision so long as the cost of treatment is typical for your area. The leg isn’t a preexisting condition except when you’re applying for health insurance. And because that damage is already covered by the car insurance people, is unlikely to be a problem for you unless it is expected to result in permanent disability of some kind.

My ankle is pre-arthritic, and might need to be fused or replaced in ten or twenty years. So, I do see the need for care in the future. Will a health care provider in California be able to bill a Michigan insurance company?