NO! Giving corporations governance powers is not a good idea!

Jeffery Berns is a former Nevada attorney, turned CEO of a blockchain / cryptocurrency company. So I assume his “technology” is mostly bullshit.

It’s an inherently ridiculous idea anyway. Even with the best intentions, all they would be doing is creating a high-tech gated community for some self-selecting group of people who presumably read the Cliff Notes to Atlas Shrugged. Which is probably great if you are trying to solve key societal issues like optimizing your supply of Wagu tartare at the community steak house.

Problem is that it doesn’t scale to the state or national level. Like any government, you have to account for everyone. And that generally includes the sort of people I imagine they would not want living next to them in their crypto-fascist Utopia.

With more people “investing” (speculating) in crypto, I expect more of this kind of fantastical libertarian utopian mischief.

Until the bubble bursts. That will be glorious.

From a distance. Up close it will be ug-ly.