NO! Giving corporations governance powers is not a good idea!

Here’s the story:

You fucking unhappy power-mad fucking selfish jackasses: no. We did this in the 19th century and it sucked. Fuck you. Holy fuck; just look at the victimhood and entitlement on display here:

O.M.F.G. :scream:

Who wants to bet me that he was a huge proponent of same-sex marriage laws?

I’m not sure that “try and secede in order to form their own fascist local government” should have ever been on any American’s mind.

These fuckers just never stop chafing, do they? FFS, the playing field in America is already highly tilted in favor or corporate people over actual people AND in favor of the wealthy over everyone else. But that’s never enough, is it? Fuck this secessionist jerk and fuck his stupid, stupid idea.

A million bingos. It should be the thesis statement regarding policy going forward. My bet is that it won’t.

From the story:

Commissioner Lance Gilman, who owns the Mustang Ranch brothel and bought most of the county’s land to turn it into an industrial park decades ago, has supported luring technology companies to the area and growing its population. But Gilman, who worked in marketing for Blockchains LLC from 2018 to 2019, said there are many unknowns about ceding control to a new jurisdiction that falls within county borders.

”(The bill) wants the host county to let it form, become successful, not pay them very much money, and eventually let them take over the whole county and all the operations, if it becomes successful,” Gilman said. “If it doesn’t become successful, who becomes responsible for all the stuff that was built in the meantime?”

So even a pimp who once worked for the company seeking to assume governmental powers has some (small) misgivings.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if they got what they’re asking for, or at least a significant part of it. Right now the Nevada state government is dominated by Democrats, but it’s not like the Democratic Party has a strong record of cracking down on business these days, or for the last few decades.

Sorry to be the one to break the news; the US has been ruled by large corporations for years.

Anywhere that county level government has any significance is already thoroughly corrupt. I can’t see how this would be any worse.

What happens almost every time someone says “I don’t see how it can get any worse”?

Since everything always gets worse all the time it doesn’t matter whether you say it or it not.

From a sheerly intellectual/scientific standpoint, I’d be curious to see what befell such a settlement. Sure, there would be exploitation and all sorts of injustices, but still interesting.

However, from a business standpoint, it would confer an unfair advantage on such a corporation if they were allowed to do business with people outside their New Independent Country, since they wouldn’t have to pay federal taxes the way other corporations have to. So I would only let them do this if they are forced to be entirely internal - can’t do business with outsiders, must be entirely self-sustaining.

you know the longer we live the more we get closer to the Shadowrun system where most corporations are “mega corps” and are their own states (remember company towns? imagine corporate states)separate from local governments to the point that in one book there’s a city worker strike and in an interview one person says "im a corporate citizen so city state and what passes for federal government decisions in no way affects me "

Although there is an Un type of thing for corporate disputes called “the council” that’s made up of all the CEO’s of said corporations …

give it about another 50 years or so and well get there

I’ll tell you one thing: That land is good for about one thing. Off-roading. Two if you like doin’ it outdoors.

I see you’ve been to Storey County!

I was thinking the same thing. Shadowrun or Blade Runner.

Sorry but I can’t bring myself to call anyone “Chummer”.

If large corporations had any form of control over governments we could end up with dystopian outcomes like this:

Rich countries block India, South Africa’s bid to ban COVID vaccine patents

The two developing countries say the IP waiver will allow drugmakers in poor countries to start production of effective vaccines sooner.

The proposal was vehemently opposed by wealthy nations like the US and Britain as well as the European Union, who said that a ban would stifle innovation at pharmaceutical companies by robbing them of the incentive to make huge investments in research and development.

lol yeah the slang was terrible … remember hooplicker ?

Yeah, I like Shadowrun enough but the slang was painful.

When Detroit started being largely policed by private security forces I realized we are actually living in a Verhoeven film. Your future belongs to Omni Consumer Products and the Zik Zak Corporation. Drink your Brawndo; it has electrolytes!


Sixteen Candles has been running in my head since hearing about this. “I sold my soul to the company store.”

That said, it did just occur to me that this is effectively how Disney World is governed…


This was Walt Disney’s vision for EPCOT Center ( EPCOT = “Experimental Prototype Community Of Tomorrow”) – A totally company planned and controlled community where the workers would live the corporate life 24/7, on duty and “off duty”.

“I owe my soul…” not “I sold my soul…”

Chip truth, suit. Stay wiz.