No Guitar Amp should take this abuse and still play.

I’ve been looking for a 5 Watt amp with no gimmicky features. Vol, gain, treble and bass are all I want. I’ve looked at a lot of 5 Watt brands and they have the Amp modeling settings and all kinds of electronic effects. I like to play clean. Maybe just a bit of overdrive by cranking the gain. Nothing more.

happened to stumbled across this review for the Four Force Amplifier EM-1. 5 Watts with a 10" speaker. 12 lbs is just about all I want to lug in and out of my car.

The abuse they give this Amp is… impressive. This is a amp that can be schlepped around in a car trunk and still play when it gets there.

This is just wrong. :smiley: But it proves a point.

btw, I have no personal interest in this product. I’m not encouraging anyone to buy it. Read the reviews (there’s several out there) and listen to the audio samples and make up your own mind. A lot of people prefer modeling amps and there’s some great ones being made.

I believe E-Sabbath owns one of these amps. He said good things about it.

That’s good to know. I’m watching a new one on Ebay and deciding whether to buy it. I’ve been listening to some audio clips that came with one review and it sounds really crisp and clean. Even in overdrive it still sounds quite good.

I bought a used Fender Blues jr 15W tube amp a few months ago. Love playing through it. It’s old school just like I prefer. Nothing but a vol, bass,treble, gain. No gimmicks. It’s just too darn heavy to lug in and out of the car. Tube amps are fragile and so is my 50 year old back. :wink: I’m not a young 20 year old kid anymore. I need a more portable amp to take to friend’s house and church when I play. I’ll always use the Fender amp at home. Love that sound.

E-Sabbath posted about it here: . First mention is post #2722, then a couple more down-thread. He didn’t give much detail about it, but seemed pleased.

The price has dropped quite a bit. I’m seeing them new on Ebay for $94.99 with free shipping.

A lot of the 5 Watt amps have 6" or 8" speakers. I’m glad this one has a 10". It’ll sound a lot fuller with more bass. The cabinet is a little bigger than the typical 5W amp but it’s still easy to carry.

I’ll drop back in and comment more after I get the amp and play it.