No high school dance should suck this much.

OK, I’m a senior in high school. SO, myself, and a couple of buddies went to my Homecoming Dance last weekend. My mom and I had worked together to create a vision of an evening gown for me, tickets had been paid for, dinner was great, and we were all set to party.
Then we got there.
Alright folks, I realize that high school dances usually suck to begin with, compared to the as-yet-unexperienced fun of clubbing and soforth, but this took the cake. The DJ, who was from a popular local radio station, seemed to play the same rap beats over and over. Would a little variation have hurt, much?
Second (and third) reasons to have just stayed home: Said DJ kept saying, between what seemed like every song: “Come on, [insert school name here]! MAKE SOME NOISE!” and all the other partygoers would scream my eardrums into submission. I was sorely tempted to yell obscenities at the fuckwitted jockey, but figured it would only make it louder. Then DJ Fuckwit asked all the ladies to scream (I was probably the only one who didn’t) , and asked us all to “call him when we’re 18.” Agh. I’d probably call him to notify him of a restraining order, but nothing more.
To sum up, I felt ashamed that my SO and one of said buddies came 250 miles just to accompany me to something that I assured them would be worth their time. I’ve always loved going to dances and socials, but this one fell far short of the standard I’m accustomed to. I wish there was a way to get our money back and spend it on something worthwhile.

Moreover, when did DJs get the idea that rap is the be-all end-all of club music? I guess thats a VA thing…the only time I’ve been to a club in VA (well, Alexandria), they played rap all night long and all the young ones on military leave were dancin’ to it…sort of.

My daughter was just complaining about rap music at her junior high school Halloween dance. Seems to me they had the same style of DJ, too, although this one wisely refrained fro making any comments about the girls. There was an awful lot of the “woo-hoo! Make noise!” shit going on though.

If I were you, I’d write a letter to the homecoming committee, or the PTA if they sponsored it, or whoever was in charge of this and express your disappointment. I’d stress the “my senior homecoming, a memory I’d have wanted to treasure” stuff, too. I might also write a note to the DJ company and tell them that you found their DJs commentary to be suggestive and inappropriate for a high school function.

It’s a problem in my neck of the woods, too. The perception is that rap and hip-hop is what all us kids want to hear.

The last few events I’ve been to that featured a live DJ have involved almost exclusively rap, hip-hop, and pop music. No matter how many requests were made for that old time rock n’ roll, or even contemporary stuff. One of them hadn’t heard of half of the bands we were asking for. It must be written somewhere that any DJ who has never heard of The Clash is unworthy of the title. :smack:

Sounds like every other high school dance to me.

Oh, and let’s start a petition to get them to play some Skynyrd on the dance floor! YEAH!

Actually,** typhoon**, DJ Fuckwit did play “Sweet Home Alabama” after I had left. I say we get 'em to play more Led Zepplin.
** LifeOnWry**, I’ve also sent a letter to the local newspaper complaining (politely) about the godawful social, but I don’t know if I want to send a bitchy letter to the radio station the DJ hailed from. They might read it over the air or something. I realize the irony of being afraid of this when I’m posting in a huge public forum about it, but at least with this I can keep it anonymous better.

Sound advice… if you want to be seen as the world’s biggest prude(And it apppears you don’t, since you say you want to remain anonymous).

What’s up with that?

At any rate, you went to a dance you didn’t like. Others around you seemed to enjoy it and have fun. Why be a pain because it didn’t match what you expected?

And what were you expecting? What are you comparing this too?

If it’s any consolation, the theme song to my senior prom was this song I’d never heard before–“Stairway to Heaven,” I think it was called. :wink:

Nah, I sort of remember what that was like, but the DJ’s at our dances almost always took requests when they were able to. I really hated when the DJ would play “Baby Got Back” but he would generally make up for it with other music.

Here’s hoping your prom will be more enjoyable.

No way! That was our class song, too! Who would have thought that such an obscure tune would be so popular?

That is my giant pet peeve right now: how you can’t find a club that plays anything other than hiphop or ludicrously bad house music that is literally made so that only people on K or Tina can enjoy it. (And I’m not even joking - my friend from New York says that this music became popular there at exactly the same time that everybody started using.)

What the fuck ever happened to disco and shlocky pop music? I fuckin like those.

Yeah, matt. I was just about to point out that the “as-yet-unexperienced fun of clubbing and soforth” mentioned in the OP sounds a lot like her HS dance to me. If it isn’t the same rap beat and a goon screaming his fool head off for everybody to make some noise (What, over that godawful racket you’re making?), it’s the techno remix beat. You know, THE techno remix beat. It’s the same 2/4 beat with maxed-out bass in every song.

WTF is Tina? Is it another animal tranq?

Hey, LadySybil, did you have to pass a breathalyzer test to get in? That’s what they are doing around here these days.

Ogre: yup. “I’m not leaving you out of the music controversy either, gentlemen! What is this shit you fags listen to? … (thump thump thump thump thump thump thump thump) EEE-ee-EEE-ee-EE-EE-ee-AHH-AHH. EEE-ee-EEE-ee-EE-EE-ee-AHH-AHH. EEE-ee-EEE-ee-EE-EE-ee-AHH-AHH. EE EE EE EE EE EE EE EE! What the hell ever happened to show tunes!?” - Lea DeLaria

adam: Crystal methamphetamine.

Hey, I like techno but not the BOOM boom BOOM boom variety, the boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boomboomboom variety :slight_smile:

Yay for 1/4 music.

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I did DJ and announcing work on the side for about 25 years. In all, I did probably 200+ weddings. I loved doing weddings because it was a situation where, if you could read a crowd right, you could play rap, country, blues, oldies and disco in the same night and make everybody happy. On top of that, the bar was free and I usually got a dance in with the lovely bride.

I avoided High school and JH dances like the plague. Most of the requests were for music that was prohibited by the school administration (language). The only kids who would make requests were the class clowns (or assholes) who discovered that I was adult to bother just like they do their teachers.

My worst job though was a high school 10 year reunion. The planning committee had a specific list of music that they wanted to hear. I spent a couple of hundred bucks to get that music prepared for them, and then found out at the party that the only people that liked that crap were the four people on the planning committee. The topper for the evening was the class clown (asshole) got very drunk and proceeded to try to pick a fight with me. I coulda knocked this guy or any other guy in the room down with my eyes closed, but not the whole crowd. I just had to take it from him because I happend to be there with $2,000 worth of my equipment exposed to the melee which would occur if I pounded his silly face.
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I can understand that you don’t like rap, but wanting Lynard Skynard and Led Zeppelin? This is 30 year old music that your parents listened to.

I hate rap…so very much…


Question from a city kid: What’s a Homecoming Dance? It seems kind of late to be having a back-to-school party, but I never know what districts get up to these days. Is it related to sports somehow?