No, I am the lowest form of life!

That’s right, I’ve been hiding it from both friends and family too long. But now I am no longer willing to live a lie.

Yes, I am Zoophorisingis Diatomis, a form of simple blue-green algee, and I am not ashamed to admit it!

I’m sure there were those who wondered about it. A whispered word here, a sidelong glance there, not to mention that embarassing mitosis incident in the locker room. But I refuse to make excuses anymore! From now on I will walk down the street holding my psudocephalosis high and exclaiming “I’m here! I produce simple carbohydrates from sunlight! And so do some of you!”.

That gave me the laugh I needed today, thanks!

I’ll be sure to try your carbohydrates :smiley:

Oh yeah?! Well I’m a crystaline virus! There is debate as to if I even AM a form of life!