no king of England?

Why is there no king of England mentioned these days? Why is this figure no longer around?

Elizabeth is queen regnant (a queen reigning in her own right) because she didn’t have any brothers, so as the eldest girl she became monarch.

We have a Queen instead at the moment.

So if Elizabeth had an older brother you (the U.K.) would have a king instead?

Well, there is a queen of the United Kindgom, and, honestly, I am just NOT awake enough to list all the Commonwealth bits and pieces, and the strange constitutional links with some islands.

When Queen Betty dies, next in line is Prince Charles.

I’m afraid I’ll leave you to have fun with Google, if you need further details. I’m half asleep, and would no doubt get all the details wrong.

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Also, from here:

If Liz had an older brother, she probably would not be the Queen, however, her father was the younger brother and only took the throne after his elder abdicated. So it is possible that she might still be Queen even if she had an older brother (or sister, for that matter.)

cw, if Elizabeth had any brother, younger or older, then he would be king. The eldest girl only succeeds to the throne if there are no boys in the family.

And if she had balls, She’d be the King

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You beat me to it.

Also, unlike Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Philip is never ever referred to as the “Prince Consort”. That was Prince Albert’s title, and out of respect, it has never been ressurected.

And England isn’t an independent country - it’s like asking “why doesn’t Texas have a President”. The monarch reigns - but “does not rule” - over the UK, plus Oz, Canada, NZ and so on.

Queen Elizabeth is a very fine king and often mentioned in the press.

If I was Queen I’d make myself King. Cause everyone knows it’s better to be King than Queen.

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